Gnu Introduces Genetically Engineered Cores

While everyone else is fumbling with composites, we’re re-engineering trees to make lighter snowboard cores. This is the most radical snowboard of the decade. Our new G.E.W. (Genetically Engineered Wood) division has masterminded G.A.C. (Genetically Altered Cores).

By experimenting with the secrets of life we’ve mixed the best properties of Balsa (superlight), Bamboo (high flex strength and fast growth) and Aspen (light with high shear strenghts) to create the ultimate core. We’ve begun to plant our own tree farm near our Olympic Penninsula factory. Several trees are expected to reach maturity by next fall which will enable us to handcraft a very limited supply of these high performance freaks of nature.

On top of being the world’s lightest and strongest snowboard, this will be the most environmentally responsible woodcore ever made thanks to engineered fast growth farming potential.

Tree specimine: #273677

Spins like a Kenmore

Altered Genetics will feature Krytox, an additive from Dupont that will lower the coeffecient of friction of these sintered bases, making them even faster.We have chosen 3 pipe and park freestyle geometries to introduce this new technology on. Each board like its construction is designed to erase existing limits of snowboarding performance. Alter your mind the world will never be the same. 153 155 158