Grandoe Files Lawsuit Against Swany America

The Grandoe Corporation recently announced that they have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against glove competitor Swany America.

In the Suit, Grandoe claims Swany America Corp. has infringed upon its GCS® Glove Component System® patent number 4,662,006 which it has held in force for many years. “GCS® gloves continue to be one of the best selling styles at retail,” says Eric Friedman, President and CEO of Grandoe……. “That’s because our patented Glove Component System® weather adjustable gloves are the only gloves on the market with removable liners that are multi layered, fully waterproof and breathable to keep hands warm and dry, whether they are worn with or without their liners.”

“The complaint seeks damages for Swany America’s past infringement, treble damages and attorneys’ fees, as well as preliminary and permanent injunctive relief to stop Swany America from making and shipping to its retail customers gloves that infringe Grandoe’s GCS® patent.

Grandoe is also considering whether to bring suit against other glove manufacturers or retailers for patent infringement. According to Jeff Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Grandoe’s Sports Division, “We don’t intend to maliciously hurt any of our competitors’ business, however, we will defend and protect what is rightfully ours.” “Where competitors have acknowledged a likelihood of infringement, we have been open to negotiating license agreements and will continue to do so”, continues Jeff Lee.

Grandoe plans to unveil an entirely new and updated selection of patented GCS® – Glove Component System® gloves and mitts at the SIA show January 29 thru February 2, 2002 in Las Vegas.