Greg Wilson Paints Rome’s Agent

Beyond his skills on rails, transitions and kickers, Greg Wilson is a rider with a collection of other creative talents: painting, clothing design, snowboard boot design, and irreverent t-shirt art to name a few. And he’s not too bad on a skateboard either.

At Rome, the idea behind the Snowboard Design Syndicate is to connect riders inside and outside the company, and let them direct the evolution of the brand. Not surprisingly, the team riders are some of the people with the biggest influence over the process.

One of the no-brainer areas of the team’s involvement in the Syndicate is the direction of board graphic design. Since one of Rome’s founders worked closely with Greg on a few skate-influenced snowboard boot designs in the past, they decided to give Wilson a call last summer and see if he wanted to do the art for the Agent board series.

To take rider involvement to a new level, Rome gave Greg complete freedom and a blank canvass to create whatever he wanted on the Agent. The result is a tweaked collection of mythical weapons and armaments from the deep recesses of Wilson’s mind-and some of the most powerful graphics in Rome’s 2003 line. The 58 definitely kills it, but the craziest of all has to be his unique vision of a mace that is featured on the Agent 48.

Beyond the board graphics, Greg is also one of three snowboarder-artists whom Rome lined up to design some of the t-shirts for the new line. Take a look them and see if you can figure out which one is his.

But Rome’s artwork isn’t the end of Greg’s off-hill creative activity. Keep an eye out for Amdun, his new line of punk-as-fuck denim and skate clothes that he’s launching with Michael Page. If your head wasn’t in your ass at the recent US Open, you would have seen some Amdun propaganda and a few of their pieces during the pipe finals on Saturday.

Check for Greg’s riding in Grenade’s upcoming video release, due to blow up in stores in fall 2002.