Head Snowboards Launches Web Site

AT www.ridehead.com YOU FIND OUR NEW HOME IN THE WEB ! (You can also access the website through www.head.com as part of the corporate splash site but for our young target group, we want to offer direct access )Find your right product with the INVERTED BOARD FINDER ( and get some info about yourself, too )Check out a sequence from the new HEAD “COMING” VIDEOBecome a member of the H-Team for better info about products, team, and sweepstakes. Sign up for our regular newsletter. Order a catalog or a video. Find a dealer near you worldwide and much more.All you snowboard units and distributors: Please check the dealer addresses in the “Worldwide Dealers” section !

We integrated the dealer information which you have supplied to us – the search outcome depends on the quality of your data. We are not responsible for any incorrect or invalid data.