Hot Seat Answers with Andrew Crawford

Andrew received lots of questions about his bitchen Camaro, mullets, and rock and roll. If you don’t see your question with an answer below, look in the April issue of Snowboard Life (on sale February 13) for tips and insight from “Trouble,” himself.

Wassup? Your segment in Destroyer is sick. How do you rev yourself up before difficult tricks/rails/terrain? Do you visualize before doing it? Any tips? Also, how are Utah and Montana in the off season? I’m thinking of moving from New York to Utah or Whistler for easier access to powder. Thanks.–Craig

Hey, Craig. Thanks for the compliments. Destroyer was fun to make. As for the mental side of doing tricks, I try to get a picture in my head of what I want to do, and the try to do exactly that. Whistler is nice in the summer because of all the outdoors and Vancouver, but Montana is pretty boring so Whistler might be a little better.

What should I do if I suck?–Will

Well, Will, if you suck, you should change your daily routine, and maybe start doing things different, like playing little games of pig with your friends with snowboard tricks. That’ll help you have more fun. Or start filming or taking pictures.

What do you think it takes to become a professional snowboarder? Why’d you begin snowboarding?–Alvera

Hello, Alvera. Professional snowboarding is a dream come true. There are pros and cons to the job, like the loss of good friends because of traveling, but on the other hand, I get to see wonderful places all over the world. Basically it just takes a good attitude and the will to learn to be a professional snow sledder. I started so that I could skip school. Ha, ha. Thanks Alvera.

Have you ever been to Finland?–Hirvonen

Yes, Finland kicks ass and Helsinki has very cute girls.

Hey, Andrew. Are you looking forward to Air and Style? What do you reckon your chances are this year? Is it gonna be the big one for you?–Marina

Hello, Marina. I’m very excited about the Air and Style, but I’m also very nervous. That contest is so fun, and I don’t know how I’ll do, but I hope I do okay and don’t get hurt. See you there.

What’s up, man? Just wanted to tell you, you rip and I got a simple question about your car. What does it run the quarter mile in? Oh if you ever stop by New York look me up. Me and my ’93 Cobra (yes it’s a real Cobra) will give you a run for your money. Well, peace out.–jibwitalib

Sounds like you know your cars, Hot Rod. I got a ’79 Camaro Z28 with about 500 horsepower that runs low tens in the quarter if I’m lucky, but my ET’s aren’t the greatest. Congrats on the Cobra, that car is definitely a keeper. Rock on.

How tall are you?–Anonymous

I’m six feet, fourteen inches, and still growing.

Hey, I just gotta ask you what I should do. Okay, here goes. I’m a thirteen-year-old snowboarder. I live in Marion, South Dakota and there ain’t a whole lot to ride here. We have a little hill that me and my friends go out to. I’m open to suggestions on things to do with the few things we do have to ride here. Thanks.–CK

Hello, CK. I’m a firm believer in getting creative, so in other words, find a parking lot like a mall or grocery store and build a quarter pipe out of the snow plow pile, and tow into it with your cars. That’s always fun. Someday you’ll get to ride the mountains, but remember it’s always cheaper to ride in the city than the mountain.

Rock on.

Andrew, I bought Destroyer and your section is sick! Have you ever had an opportunity to go ride for a more mainstream team like Forum, M3, or Burton? If you have why didn’t you and if you could would you? Keep up the good work.–Steve Spindler, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hey, Steve. Thanks for buying Destroyer–we’ll try to do even better next year. I don’t ride for those companies first off because they didn’t ask me at the time, and also because at Rossignol I can be my own person and have a little more individuality than those other companies. We have a small team, and there for it’s not as competitive and stressful as a team with all the same style of riders.

Keep on rockin’, and don’t get too caught up in all the hype of what companies are cool and which ones aren’t, because were all in it for the same reason–to snowboard. If you start focusing on the hype it takes the fun out of it.

Hey, Andrew, how did you learn to pull it all together like you have in the last few years? I saw you at Bachelor a few years ago and you were going huge but wouldn’t always land on your feet. Now it seems like you stomp everything. What did it take to change that? Your part in Destroyer is awesome. Is that really you in the car?–Jason

Hey, Jason. I’m laughing about all the crashes I had at Bachelor. It took me a while to figure out my legs but when I did it just got easy. For advice on stomping, I’d say move away from the flatness of Bachelor. Ha,ha. I would recommend hitting the gym as much as possible. Think of your legs as shock absorbers and the stronger shocks you have the better you’ll be able to keep control. And by the way, it was my car but it was a dummy in the seat when it went off the jump. Later, dude.

Can you do a 1400 degree late mistyflip with your eyes closed? If so, you are the man.–Andy

Hey, Andy. Actually I heard this guy, Whitey, already got one on film, and guess who did it? Peter Line in Cool Boarders 2000.

Hey, Crawford, isn’t it true that Kalispell riders are better than Whitefish riders?–Anonymous

Hello, Anonymous. Travis Parker and I used to hate each other because he was from Whitefish and I was from Kalispell, but once we actually hung out and rode together, we combined forces and united the gap between the cities. Also Colombia Falls produces some damn good shredders.

Greetings! How did you get your nickname “Trouble?” Thanks.–Alex Harrison

Greetings, Alex. When I moved into my house in Utah a couple years ago, my roommates looked at me and said, “oh shit, here comes trouble,” and it just kind of stuck.

Hi, Andrew. I’m a thirteen-year-old boy from the Netherlands and next season I’m getting sponsored. I’m not really a super talent but they say I’m good for a Dutchie. I can do 360 grabs on our dryslope jump, and when I’m on snow I can do backside rodeos. Do you think I can get good for international standards?–Greetings from David

Hello, David. It sounds like you are pretty interested in getting sponsored. My advice on that would be to move to a place where you can ride real mountains as much as possible and work on all types of snowboarding, like jibbing, halfpipe, big air, and freeriding. Being a versatile rider is very important these days. Have a great season.

Andrew, Where are the sickest places to jib? We don’t have shit here in Idaho and I would love to rally on some sick handrail.–Tony

Hey, Tony. Boise has some great rails at the mall there. It doesn’t snow very much in town, but when it does, I’d recommend you make the mission and get creative in the city. Also, don’t limit yourself to just handrails, use your imagination.

Hi, I’m from Lyon, France. I was at that Urban Rail Contest last month, and I wanted to know your opinion about France, French people and riders, the French Alps, or about other European countries.–Pierre Favre

Salut, Pierre. France est cest tres bon. Jadore France! Lyon est tres beau. A biento.

I rode the winter in Whitefish before you moved to Oregon and remember you always dropping some big lines for the Kodak 35. Glad to see it all paid off for you. Did you like Utah last winter and would you ever think about coming back to Montana?–LWS

Montana is one of my favorite places, and I love coming
back there, but unfortunately there are more photographers and filmers in other parts like Tahoe and Oregon, but Montana will always be my stomping grounds.

Hey, Crawdad! My name is Dominic and I’m 22. I grew up on the East Coast riding the eastern ice. I’m a student at Penn State and am about to graduate and am looking to move westward. I was wondering what your theory was on whether growing up riding the eastern ice makes you a better rider when you move west. Well that’s it so next time you are in Salt Lake City, look up the South Central, PA crew. Late.–Dominic Cincotta

Hey, Dominic. Prepare for good times, because learning to ride on ice always makes you a better rider, just remember your sunscreen.

I’ll bet my Mitsubishi will smoke your sorry Camaro, you damn redneck.–J.A.

One word … Shitsubishi!