Hot Seat With Kurt Wastell

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Wanna find out what makes Kurt Wastell tick? Snowboard Life cornered him to answer a few questions from YOU, our curious Web surfers. Maybe he can help you become that much better of a rider, or maybe you just want to know if he still does standing back flips to impress the ladies. Ask him, I bet he’ll tell ya.

Kurt’s been ruling it since he was a little kid terrorizing Big Bear in the early 90s. Since then he’s moved to Colorado, and back to California where he’s been ruling it as an “adult” on any rail or larger than large kicker.

Today, Kurt’s taking advantage of his Southern California roots, surfing, skating and playing a little golf in-between trips to the snow.

You can find Kurt in almost any snow publication, or any of Whitey’s and most of Mack Dawg’s films. Look for the newest Mack Dawg film, Amp coming out soon, but be prepared to rethink what you knew about snowboarding.

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