How To Do Frontside Double – Grab Airs


“This is currently my favorite grab for doing airs by far! I also think it’s the easiest to land. Good Luck and have fun!” – Taj Burrow

Steps one and two:
Start with speed, most definitely. As you’re pumping down the line, looking for the right lip to launch off, start shuffling your stance forward for a balanced punt. As you bottom turn to the lip, your body should be fairly extended.

Steps Three through Five:
As you launch, compress into a tuck while grabbing grabbing both rails at the same time.

Steps Six through Eight:
Let go of the board just after you’ve reached your highest point in the air. Then start extending your legs once you’re on the way down. This is the most important point to landing!

Steps Nine and Ten:
Most of the time double grabs are fairly flat airs, so on your way down, look at your landing spot on the lip or foam. Ride it out just like a floater.