How To Do Lien Airs by Simon Severson

Simon Severson shows you how to land a Lien Air.

Textbook – How To Do Lien Airs

by Simon Severson



Step One:
First, I suggest practicing disasters on a skate ramp, so you get used to ollieing. Then in the water, approach the lip with as much speed as possible, while keeping an eye on your board.

Step Two:
Then grab your board tightÐso you can hold on. Once you have the grab, you’ve got more control of your board and you’ll feel a little more steady on it.

Step Three:
Keep grabbing your board, while watching for the landing spot. Also, keep your feet centered on the board and stay on top of it.

Step Four:
Focus on the landing. The more you grab, the easier it is to control your board.

Step Five:

When coming down on your landing, get ready to absorb the lip with your legs.

Step Six:
Try not to think too much about the impact of the landing, just envision yourself riding away from it.

Step Seven:
Land on the lip as solid as possible. Tell yourself you’re going to make it Ðdon’t jump off or bail. Just try to stay on the board no matter what. Keep your weight centered over the board. Try to stomp it hard and ride away.