IASC Meeting Summary

On January 24, 2003 an open IASC meeting was held with presentations by Jeff Harbaugh-business analyst, Jim Fitzpatrick-IASC executive director, and Terry McCain-SIMA executive director. The main topic consisted of proactive industry associations-how to create the infrastructure, how to fund them, how to maintain them, and what benefits they may have for the industry.

The need for a full-functioning proactive association was forced as a directive of the skateboard industry after the ASR trade show in Fall 2002. The changing economic conditions, the ever-changing marketplace, and skateboarding’s position in the social and corporate structure of mainstream society created the necessity for a proactive skateboard association.

The meeting culminated in the election of a new interim board of directors for IASC. The new board of directors is comprised of Hugh “Bod” Boyle, Per Welinder, Tod Swank, Jeff Kendall, Robert Valerio, Don Brown, and Steve Van Doren. After the election, a board meeting was scheduled for January 25, 2003. The following is a summary of that meeting.

While the long-term plan is that the association will be active in creating benefits for the entire skateboard industry, the immediate agenda was agreed upon unanimously. This agenda consisted of understanding what an association is and does, creating an infrastructure that will fulfill its demands, including staffing and structure, and acquiring the appropriate funding to support this infrastructure.

Those gathered also discussed proper communication procedure within the board as well as communicating with the skateboard industry (Robert’s Rules Of Order).

The group did touch base on many great ideas of events, benefits, and creative expansion, but it’s important to understand that to be able to do these things, the skate industry more importantly needs an infrastructure.

This is the start of a new phase for the skateboarding industry. To get on our update list, please go to SkateboardIASC.org and submit your e-mail in the list-request box.-IASC Board of Directors