Industry News, June 2001

Eric Koston

won Skateboarder Of The Year and Tony Hawk took the Action Sports Achievement Award at the inaugural ESPN;, held April 7 in Los Angeles, California. The televised event honored both action-sports athletes and musicians. Hawk’s lifetime achievement was voted by athletes in all genres, while the athletes of the year in surfing, BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, motocross, and skiing were only voted by participants in those sports. Bob Burnquist was awarded the Mountain Dew People’s Choice Award for skateboarding, while Eminem edged out CKY as Skateboarding’s Music Artist Of The Year. Tony Alva flipped everyone the bird when he was honored as an action-sports pioneer.

A few days later Hawk was presented three trophies at the Blockbuster Awards for the incredibly popular Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 game. Later in the show Dustin Hoffman rolled out on Hawk’s board to give an award to Warren Beatty, who quipped that he ought to have won best supporting skateboarder. Hawk had both entertainers sign the board, which he rode during a four-hour photo session with Grant Brittain the very next day.

Only having ten-odd days off before winning more awards, Hawk won the category of Favorite Male Athlete at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on April 21. Kids picked Hawk over Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq. Hawk also won the Nickelodeon award for Best Video Game and was a presenter at the awards ceremony, which was reportedly watched by 87-million viewers.

We had a mix up last issue with some features of the Universal and Diamond hardware brands. Universal uses mounting bolts that fit both Phillips screwdrivers and Allen wrenches. Universal hardware is available from Imperial Distribution: (619) 233-3334.

Diamond hardware has the nylon locking material embedded in the tip of the bolt, rather than in the nut, and utilizes a cap nut with an Allen-wrench slot in the top so it can be tightened using two Allen wrenches. Diamond hardware is available from Girl Distribution: (310) 783-1900.

German skate photographer Helge Tscharn has released a hardcover book of his skate and portrait photography. Possessed (Tropen Verlag) is a collection of 128 images that span from the early 80s to the present, and includes photos of Claus Grabke, Arto Saari, Henry Rollins, Mark Gonzales, Pantera, and many others. Possessed is available in the U.S. and Canada from Distributed Art Publishers, 155 Sixth Avenue, Second Floor, New York, New York 10013-1507.

Omar Hassan

‘s new signature sunglasses will be released in September 2001 by Black Flys. They feature his signature logo and will come in a choice of eight colors. For more information, check out the Black Flys Web site at


‘s new video Sneak Preview is available now, and features teamriders Daewon Song, Shiloh Greathouse, J.B. Gillet, Enrique Lorenzo, Marcus McBride, Shin Okada, and ams Luis Cruz, Brian Hoard, and Marco Romero. All shops get a free shop copy of the video with their first order. For more information, call Dwindle Distribution at 1-800-500-5015, or check out

Tensor Trucks

has released the Tensor HI, a higher-profile and beefier version of its original Tensor LO. The HIs are 1/8 inch higher than the LOs, allowing for a sharper turn, and reinforced in key areas of the hanger and baseplate. Tensor LOs have also been updated with two new features: protected axle tips that keep the threads pristine, and quieter, more responsive pivot cups.

Philadelphia’s skateboarders finally have someone on their side. Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund is a nonprofit organization whose mandate is to seek funding for and provide an overseer in the design and construction of public skateparks in the city. The Fund’s key goal is to establish a public skatepark modeled after the renowned spot Love Park, in addition to other satellite skateparks and facilities throughout the city. Franklin’s Paine also hopes to consult on local skatepark projects to ensure the finished parks meet the needs of skateboarders. The organization derives its name from revolutionary American thinkers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine and represents the interests of a largely underrepresented population whose harmless choice of recreation has been legislated away by local politicians. For more information contact Josh Nims or Bryan Lathrop at: (215) 769-2775. Or check out

Canada’s District Skateboards has four new models out. And now that summer has arrived, District’s new video is in progress. It features Canadians Dustin Montie, Brett Rehman, Downtown J, and Chris L’esperance, with a little help from Grapes Bearings team-members Dave Nolan and Les Ramsay. Check out


clothing wants to help get skateparks built, and they’re offering discounts to shops who in turn must donate the amount of the discount or more to their local skatepark fund. For more information, call: (805) 557-9964. Or e-mail: Also, Cowboypunk’s promoted Buddy Layport to team manager. They also offers wheels in sizes, ranging from 52 to 60 millimeters.

Deck-maker Geometric Construction and its house brand Firewood have moved to a new, more spacious location. Reporting significant increases in its OEM business, Geometric simply outgrew its former manufacturing facility. Find them at: 2420 Industry Street, Suite C, Oceanside, California 92054. Or call: (760) 721-6798.

Tony Hawk has joined READ California, a state initiative to promote recreational reading in pre-teen boys, as its new spokesperson. After researching statistics with the National Education Association, the READ campaign learned that skateboarding is ranked the third-largest participant sport among kids between the ages of six and eighteen. Furthermore, 81 percent of boys aged twelve to eighteen don’t read recreationally every day, and 91 percent of skateboarders are boys. Considering this, Hawk was the initiative’s obvious choice to lead the campaign.

Montreal, Canada-based Premium Wood‘s skateboard decks are now being distributed in Southern California through San Diego’s Overboard Enterprises. Overboard is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Cliche‘s Europa and Unabomber‘s Headcleaner. Both videos feature the companies’ European teams, who demonstrate the high level of skating in the Old World. Also available from Overboard is Lordz Wheel Co.‘s recent video release, Lordz Conspiracy, featuring Bastien Salabanzi, Enrique Lorenzo, J.B. Gillet, and others. For more information, call Kevin Marks or any member of his friendly staff at: (619) 702-3523.

On April 6, 1,600 people tried to cram themselves into the 600-person-capacity Slims Theater in San Francisco, California for Real Skateboards‘ premiere of its new video Real To Reel. A second showing was added to accommodate the overflow crowd. Inside, the event got underway when Max Schaaf smashed the bottle that held the video tape with—ironically—a skateboard.

Brigade Skateboards

has released a new deeper concave, called Magnum, which is available on the Brigade Star series of decks in Powell’s new Xtra Pop Construction (XPC). XPC is a lighter, thinner layup that retains strength via the deeper Magnum concave.

Steve Caballero

dipped into his own pocket to provide scholarships to the Visalia YMCA skate camp
for ten lucky campers this summer. He also confirmed rumors that Skate Rock is back and that his band from the 80s, The Faction, will be getting back together with its original members for a reunion show on July 14 in San Jose, California.

In other Brigade news, world-record high-ollie-holder Danny Wainwright has a new graphic, and the line now includes a new Animal Chin-graphic deck.

As part of its twenty-fifth-anniversary limited series of decks, Powell has issued the 80s-era Skull Mountie graphic on a new board.

Mike Vallely

‘s tour-video Stand Strong will be available on DVD soon. Mike broke his foot on March 26 and had to postpone—not cancel—some of his hectic spring/summer tours.


Clothing will be introducing a full line of skateboard decks in early May. For more information, call: (843) 842-3835. Check out their new Web site at

Woodbridge, Virginia-based Ramptech has been busy installing skateparks throughout the U.S., designing and constructing event equipment for this year’s Vans Triple Crown World Championships, and selling its line of ramp kits, rails, and plans. For more information, check out

Accel. Wheels

recently launched Movement Bearings. Stacy Lowery handpicked the team, which currently also includes Kenny Anderson, Chad Tim Tim, Ryan Kenrich, Aaron Suski, and Steffan Attardo. For more information, check out Also, Jason Rothmeyer has recently joined the staff to help with sales and promotions, including putting together Accel’s flow team and watching piles of sponsor-me videos.

L.A. resident Fernando Garcia is the new full-time filmer at Climax Distribution. Also new at Climax are Tracker‘s two new super-wide Dart trucks, available in 184 and 219 mm. Tracker has boosted its softgoods program to include denim jeans and backpacks, and has also recently launched a new e-commerce site at Tracker also has wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, and two new skate tools now available. And in case you didn’t already know, the new Climax team manager is Dave Smith.


‘s art bars video will soon be released on DVD with previously unreleased footage. As with the video, each of Foundation’s four pros has his own exciting cover. Also, Josh Beagle is putting together a Foundation tour video, titled These Good Times Are Killing Me.

After eleven years of business, Tum Yeto finally got themselves a staff photographer. Sean Cronan is the company’s new director of photography. has a new 2001 online product catalog to show all the newest gear from Foundation, Pig, Zero, and Toy Machine.


what? is changing its domain to However, the old one will continue to work. Tum Yeto claims the original Web site URL “was too stinking long.”

The antics of Bam Margera and posse can now be viewed on DVD. The CKY2K DVD is now available with twenty minutes of extra footage. Oh, and the original CKY has been rereleased, too.

Elevate Trucks

has two new sales reps. Jose Rodriguez of Fundamental Distribution is handling all sales in Puerto Rico, while on the other side of the planet Shane McGrath of Nasia Distribution is handling all sales in Japan.

Grind King

has a ladies’ clothing line in the works. New Grind King teamrider Gabe Nava has landed himself a part in the heavily skateboarder-influenced-film Kids: Part Two. Nava will be featured in the opening scene.

Seattle-based Faction Clothing recently announced that the company is selling its retail operations to establish a new office in Jackson, Wyoming and focus solely on the clothing brand.

The J. Grant Brittain line of photo T-shirts from Aaron Chang are now available from North Carolina’s Eastern Skateboard Supply, Vancouver, Canada’s Ultimate Distribution, and San Diego’s RAX Distribution. The shirts feature high-resolution reproductions of Brittain’s skate photography, including classic images of Steve Caballero, Atiba Jefferson, Tod Swank, and Chris Miller, and modern shots of Kanten Russell, and Matt Mumford. For more information, check out

Rax has picked up other new lines, as well, including Consolidated, Tensor, Planet Earth, and Blueprint. The RAX sales force is adding Mark Elhaj as an in-house sales rep. RAX is also carrying new clothing lines, like t and shirts from OAM. For more information, call RAX at: 1-800-367-5900.

Elevate pro Mizael Simao has taken on the role of the San Francisco company’s L.A. sales rep. For more information, call Elevate at: 1-877-ELATED1.

Skater Aid

is a new injury oil made from fresh Arnica flowers and extra-virgin olive oil. Available through NorCal’s Secret Skateboards, the ailment oil even carries an impressive pro team featuring Bob Burnquist, Brad Staba, Tim O’Connor, Kanten Russell, Alan Petersen, Karma Tsocheff, Ron Whaley, Stacey Lowery, Israel Forbes, and Clint Peterson. A one-fluid-ounce bottle of Skater Aid retails for $12.99. For more information call: (831) 239-6426, or check out or

Canada’s Alex Gavin and Australia’s Jeff Williams recently returned from Paris, France, where they participated in a Guinness television show for local station French TV1. Gavin and Williams were given three tries each to complete a 25-stair handrail. Williams landed a boardslide on his first attempt, while Gavin pulled a lipslide on number three. The show aired in France to an estimated ten-million viewers in late May.

Chewing-gum-company Wrigley’s Winterfresh presents The Winterfresh Amateur Skate Series, a seven-stop national amateur-street-skateboarding contest series, being held in conjunction with The Familie and sports-marketing agency Millsport. The series kicked off on April 28 at SPoT in Tampa. For tour dates and more information, check out, or contact Andrew Kelly at: (203) 977-0581.

A new Zoo York video is in the works. Mix Tape II is scheduled to be released at the San Diego ASR trade show this fall. For more information, check out

Equal Skateboards

, the company for wee little kids, has recently introduced two micro-mini boards in 25- and 26-inch lengths. Also, Equal is coming up with Sequal. It’s a new line designed for kids thirteen years old and up.


has a new 29-inch cambered Stinger slalom board. They’re also introducing the Campus Cruiser, which features a soft top and a dry-erase bottom graphic. Power Paw is introducing a line of Aluminator longboard wheels.

Hawk Clothing

has just added what they like to call the missing link—hiring former pro Kevin Staab as the company’s team manager and events coordinator. Staab comes to the company with blessings from Tony Hawk and Chris Miller. In addition to team-management duties, Staab will contribute to the marketing side of things. He is also involved with Hawk Shoes, Tony Hawk Inc., The Tony Hawk Gigantic Skatepark Tour, and 900 Films—Hawk’s media venture.


held a grand-opening event in March for the first Hawk Skate Shop, located at Westfield Shoppingtown‘s Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey. Tony Hawk made an appearance at the 1,100-square-foot retail store dedicated to the Hawk clothing line. The Hawk Skate Shop is adjacent to the 3,000-s
quare-foot Quiksilver Boardriders Club store. Currently there are 23 Quiksilver Boardriders Club stores in the United States.

Big Daddy Manufacturing

is expanding its line to include fifteen new ramp products and will be the first known company to offer ramps constructed of 90-percent-recycled plastics. The company’s new mobile-ramp series includes a halfpipe and street course, both of which can fit inside a trailer. For more information, check out

The Vans Warped Tour 2001 kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona on June 22. This year the tour, which began in 1995, will be hitting over 40 cities.

Out in the real world (outside of skateboarding), in May the prestigious World Trade Week (WTW) award was presented to Arcade Skateboards for outstanding, consistent success in exporting. WTW is an annual national observance featuring seminars and forums on exporting and the importance of international trade on local economies. This year WTW celebrated its seventy-fifth year, and Arcade International Sales Manager Scott Sentianin was at the presentation in Hollywood to accept the award from Paul Tambakus, the southwestern regional director for the U.S. Department of Commerce. Arcade won the award over many other Southern California companies for its exemplary management and determination. Only four years old, the company exports over 50 percent of its volume to 29 countries, using the same resources that are available to all exporters in Southern California. Proclamations were received from California Governor Gray Davis, Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. World Trade Week is organized by the Export Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a California State agency.

XTreme Wheelz

has teamed up with the Canadian convenience-store-chain Macs for a promotional campaign for Macs Frosters—the store’s rendition of a Slurpee. Xtreme will work with Macs to get 3,000 new off-road boards into the hands of some Canadians beginning this June.

TransWorld SKATEboarding

and Infogrames have teamed up to create a new skateboarding video game for the Microsoft X Box platform. Over a year in the making, TransWorld SKATEboarding, the game, features Brian Anderson, Bob Burnquist, Kenny Hughes, Heath Kirchart, Colin McKay, Rick McCrank, Matt Mumford, Arto Saari, Daewon Song, Danny Way, Jeremy Wray, and Mike Vallely. The ten play levels represent real-world locations, including Barcelona, London, Rio, and Vancouver. The game will be available for Winter 2001. For more information, log on to

Media Skateboards

is turning Tom Krauser and Gary Smith pro this summer and will be releasing their pro-model decks. Krauser and Smith will be joining the existing Media pro team of Dave Duren, Jonas Wray, Tommy Budjanec, and Jake Stewart.

Tyler Buschmann

recently set a long-distance skateboard record. Departing from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on November 17, 2000, Buschmann arrived in Times Square, New York City, on March 12, 2001.

In the Tangent section of the August 2001 issue of TransWorld SKATEboarding (Volume 19 Number 8), the magazine erroneously reported that the skateboarding Web site had shut down. The site is still operating, though it did scale back its staff.


Shoe Box

The Globe Shoes Monster Mastership World Championships skateboarding event will be held once again in Dortmund, Germany from June 30 to July 1. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the event, which has been referred to as the Wimbledon of skateboarding. American ramp-builder-extraordinaire Dave Duncan will again oversee the design of the street course with help from local skate craftsmen. A special video is also planned featuring footage from the Mastership Hall Of Fame, presenting a roster that reads as a who’s who of skateboarding history.

Globe will release its first-ever skate-team video, Opinion, this summer. For more information, check out

In early April Sole Technology made the announcement that Ronnie Creager no longer rides for éS footwear, and that “a friendly and mutual agreement has been made to part ways.” It’s not confirmed yet who Creager’s new shoe sponsor will be. Also off the Sole Tech roster is Jim Greco, who left Emerica to join an undisclosed company.

éS and Hurley helped fund the construction of Bob Burnquist‘s new 120-foot-wide vertscape. Look for photos and footage of the modern skate ark in upcoming mags and videos. Burnquist and family have opened a restaurant that will be run by his mother and brother-in-law. Located at 1002 North Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas, California, Melodia specializes in Brazilian vegetarian fare. The éS video, Menikmati, will soon be available on DVD. Keep your eyes peeled, or check out for more information.

Members of the Etnies team were in attendance at the Lake Forest/Etnies Skate Park Fundraiser in Lake Forest, California in April. Lincoln Ueda, Fabrizio Santos, Ryan Sheckler, Mike Santarossa, Jeff Williams, Rob Gonzalez, Chris Lambert, Carlos de Andrade, and Mike Manzoori skated demos and signed autographs all day. Guest appearances were also made by Chad Bartie, Alison Castro, and Chad Timtim.

Speaking of Etnies, Elissa Steamer is reportedly getting closer to finishing up her new shoe. And in case you’re wondering who the new Etnies all-terrain and Thirty-two public-relations coordinator is, it’s Brian Garofalow.

The Slam City Jam in May was also the first stop of the Vans Triple Crown Of Skateboarding. The contest aired on NBC later that month, and was accompanied by a commercial featuring Vans pro Geoff Rowley backside flipping a water gap in the concrete-lined LA River. Broadcast on network television, the contest and ad were potentially seen by millions of viewers that don’t have access to cable television.

Also new from Vans are Salman Agah‘s and Danny Montoya‘s new shoes. Check out for more information.

adidas has renewed its sponsorship of the Summer X-Games for the third consecutive year. The X-Games are being held in Philadelphia this year from August 17 to 23.

DC teamriders Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, and Jerry Bagley, with nine other athletes, competed in a made-for-TV action-sports contest. Dubbed Generation Freestyle, twelve skateboarding and BMX athletes were divided into three teams to compete in a winner-take-all contest. DC’s Bagley, Dyrdek, and McKay, and BMX vert-rider Kevin Robinson, annihilated everyone else. In addition to earning the highest point average, McKay also won the best-trick event by launching out of the vert ramp onto a rail going down a bank to the street course, and sticking a backside 50-50 to backside five-0 followed by a nosegrind to a backside lipslide in the final seconds.

Reef welcomes Lance Keith as the company’s director of marketing. The latest addition to the company’s directoral team, Keith has worked in several senior positions for adidas, Airwalk, and Nike.


Recent Roster Hops

Skaters land new sponsors.


Jason Acuna–Epik Footwear

Kenny Anderson–Movement

Dayne Brummett-Aera Footwear

Butler—Elevate Trucks

Jon Comer —Grind King

Paulo Diaz—Grind King

Jeff Farris—Cowboypunk

Cairo Foster–Freshjive

Jim Greco—Iron Horse

Steve James–Elevate Trucks

Nate Jones—Killing Machine

Ryan Kenreich–Movement

Heath Kirchart–Quiksilver

Chad Knight–Universal Hardware

Stacy Lowery–Movement

Lavar McBride–Affiliate Skateboards

Adam McNatt–Evos Shoes

JR Neves—Universal Hardware

Alan Petersen–Krux

Andrew Reynolds-Iron Horse

Mizael Simao–Elevate Trucks

Gary Smith–Epik Footwear

Aaron Suski–Movement

Mike Taylor–Freshjive

Tony Trujillo–Killing Machine

Anthony Van Engelen-Stüssy


Steffan Attardo–Movement

Richie Belton–Killing Machine

Graham Bickerstaff-Killing Machine

Justin Case—Universal Hardware

Shawn Connolly–ATM

Pete Eldridge–Zoo York

Jared Faustino–ECS, Nicotine

Jeremy Frankovis-Killing Machine

Fabio Frugis–ECS, Nicotine

Josh Hanft—Cowboypunk

Micah Hollinger–Killing Machine, Genetic

Stefan Janoski–Spitfire Wheels

Nick Johnson–Cowboypunk

Dave Nolan –Killing Machine

Anthony Mosely–Real Skateboards

Pat Rakestraw–Killing Machine

Sal Ramirez–Cowboypunk

Paul Rodriguez–Orion

Vince Salvi–Cowboypunk

Barry Scott–Grind King

Anthony Shetler–Phantom, FKD

Pat Sinnott–Elevate Trucks

Austin Stevens–Universal Hardware

Sean Stockton–Killing Machine

Chad Timtim–New Deal, Movement

Rodney Torres–Zoo York

Craig Whitehead–Aera Footwear

Aaron Yeager –Phantom, FKD