Industry News November 1998

Birdhousepremiered its long-anticipated new film, The End, at a So Cal movie theater in October. Not since the famed Powell-Peralta videos of the 80s has there been a skateboarding production with this much time, effort, and resources invested in it. The Endis a 30-minute epic skateboard docu-drama featuring skits and skateboarding segments written and performed by its celebrated cast of pros and ams. Filmed and directed by Jamie Mosberg of Livewire Productions, the cinema quality and effects used to create this masterpiece are evidence of its 200,000-dollar budget.

The So Cal premiere drew over-capacity crowds, and despite the fact that the film was shown unfinished, the skits and skating received applause and ovations throughout the two screenings. The evening ended after the second showing when the security staff threw everyoneout, including the Birdhouse people who hired them in the first place. Apparently the bouncers were being kept up past their bedtime. A DVD version of The Endis planned for release in the near future with additional footage and features.

TransWorld SKATEboardingand SKATEboarding Businesshave gone online with, a Web site providing Internet access to back issues of the magazines as well as exclusive stories and information. Consistently logging over 30,000 page requests per day, has become the most popular new skateboarding Web site, providing breaking news, stories, interviews, a chat room, message board, North America’s most comprehensive and searchable skatepark directory, and a gallery featuring TransWorld‘s unmatched photography. Launched in August, the site continues to evolve with live event broadcasts and tour reports from the road. Check out the living, breathing skateboarding news and information resource at:

Jeremy Wray is one of the recent free agents who’s found a couple new sponsors. He’s joined the Volcomclothing team, and has been picked up by Element skateboards.

In other Giant Distribution news, Matt Hensley and Mike Vallelyare now riding for Black Label, and Ricky Oyola has joined the New Deal team. Mad Circle amateur Rob Welsh has made the change from am to pro. Look for Rob’s pro model soon.

A new book on the history of skateboarding is also being distributed by Giant. Written by Canadian skater Michael Brooke, The Concrete Wave is a 200-page chronicle of the sport from the 50s to present. It includes stories and interviews with some of skateboarding’s pioneers, including Larry Stevenson, Tony Alva, Jim Fitzpatrick, Russ Howell, and Rodney Mullen. Retailing for $22.95, The Concrete Wave is the first modern attempt to tie skateboarding’s present to its rich and often-ignored history. The book will also be available in bookstores in Spring 1999.

Mike Vallelyis planning another winter tour, skating and speaking at various parks and locations throughout the country. Not a team tour, Mike will be accompanied by an experienced group of pros, as yet undetermined. The format of the tour will be skateboarding, spoken-word performances by Mike and others, and a question/answer session where the pros will field inquiries from the audience. Mike plans to be on the road in February and March. For more information or to book a visit, call Mike at: (562) 938-6720.

Xtreme Wheelz, makers of off-road skateboarding wheels and street luge wheels, is now being distributed by NHS. Take a look at these babies on page 19.

Billy Rohan is the latest addition to the Split pro team and will be joining the rest of the Split team on the East Coast Skatepark tour. Rohan, the 1997 Vans World Amateur Street Champion, is currently ranked 13th in the World Cup Skateboarding pro standings.

Arcade welcomes Malcolm Watson and Tyler Mooreto the team. Check out the new Arcade promo video, which is out now. A new full-length video, 1999, will be released at the beginning of next year.

In Tum Yeto news, look for the new Foundation Super Co. video in the new year. Landspeed wheels is planning a tour of the Eastern United States around Christmas, and a video will be released following the tour.

Alien Workshop announces the addition of Danny Way to its distinguished team of professionals. Three pro models are available now. Way has joined the Reflex Bearing team, as well.

Incorporating fashion, art, photography, skateboard culture, and music into one accessible outlet, ModArt ’98 took place on September 10 in downtown San Diego, a few blocks from the ASR Trade Expo. The ModArt evening was launched with an art show including over 70 artists from the world of skateboarding and snowboarding. Natas Kaupas, Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, Chris Miller, Ed Templeton, Andy Howell, Tod Swank, Andy Jenkins, Grant Brittain, and Jeff Tremaine (to name only a few) exhibited their paintings and photographs for this special event. The pieces were displayed from September 10—13.

After the art reception, the fashion czars had their moment in the limelight during the 45-minute fashion show that featured companies such as Droors, DC, Dub, Planet Earth, Rhythm, Adio, Rookie, Ton, and Volcom. Sal Masakela from Alphanumeric did a great job as MC for the event.

ModArt event coordinators Mona Mukherjea of TransWorld Media, Shaney Jo Darden of Hapa, and Jessica Geddes of Thee Ideal are looking forward to holding the event again next year during the San Diego ASR. For more information call: (760) 436-5206. Or check out ModArt online at:

Alphanumeric Environmental Protection Agency launched its new line of technical skatewear at ASR in September. The San Diego-based company has assembled an impressive team, including Kareem Campbell, Kenny Hughes, Spencer Fujimoto, Forrest Kirby, and snowboarders Russell Winfieldand Jeremy Jones. Alphanumeric has also been busy building a professional staff, and welcomes Mirko Mangum to the position of sales manager. The former Planet Earth international sales manager will apply his years of experience to help build the company. The Alphanumeric sales department also includes Florito Diaz, formerly of Lucky Lucy, and Asaud Auguste, formerly of Polo/Ralph Lauren. For more information, contact Alphanumeric at: (619) 702-5775.

G-Shockhas developed several series of watches influenced by the events, athletes, and lifestyles that encompass the board-sports cultures. The first in the series is the 21st C.B.(21st Century Boys) collection. Each of the four models were designed by artists who also skate, including Ed Templeton, Dan Drehobl, Tommy Guerrero, and Giovani Estevez. These multi-function watches were produced by using a new manufacturing process that makes it possible to combine resin materials of different colors, which allows for vivid colors and depth. Coloring is coordinated with the graphic designs, and each model is marked with the name of and a message from the artists. Other G-Shock series include commemorative watches for the U.S. Open Of Surfing and the Triple Crown Of Surfing. G-Shock has also been a cosponsor of the Vans Triple Crown Seriesof pro street and vert contests, and was the title sponsor of the 1998 Vans Warped Tour. For more information on G-Shock, contact Schneider/Newman Public Relationsat: (310) 996-0239.

With core wheels becoming quite a curiosity in the U.S., Tim Dawesof Electric Urethane
makers of Core Technology, Icon, Cozmo, and Point Blank wheels – is a little confused what all the commotion is over. Australia, he says, is all over the concept, and Core Technology is leading the pack down under. Having founded Electric Urethane in 1982, Dawes has been experimenting with wheel formulas and designs ever since. In 1987 he founded Cockroachwheels, but sold the brand in 1990 and hasn’t been involved since. Like many core-wheel makers, Dawes learned most of what he knows through his experience making inline wheels, and he began translating that knowledge into a core skateboard wheel in September of last year. The result is the Core Technology line, available in 52, 55, 57, and 60mm. While Dawes is establishing a Stateside distributor for his wheels, inquiries can be directed to Electric Urethane at: 011-61-2-9905-6292.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Brooklyn Boards/Trystate, Inc. is still in operation and is planning an East Coast skatepark tour tentatively set to take place around the end of this year. At print time, there were discussions of Clockwork and Consolidated participating in the tour, but things are still up in the air.

Consolidated is looking for sponsors for The Plan, their twenty-page guide to getting a skatepark built in your town. To sign on in support, get a copy of The Plan, or simply to get more information, contact Consolidated Skateboards at: (408) 457-8206. Or visit their Web site at

After skating for a while without a board sponsor, Dan Rogershas joined the 60/40 team.

After the rerelease of Slimeballswheels, Skaters Unionis busy building a team for its Curb Cream Wax. In the meantime, Skaters Union’s Rich Metiveris having a hard time finding an outlet for his grotesque Slimeballs ads. The vomitous, urinous, and very un-PC campaigns tout the virtues of such products as Lung Butter, Pissballs, 95A Softballs, Butt Warts, and the new Rail/Road wheels. But even the most permissive skateboarding magazines refuse the ads, so look for a series of “censored” ads from Slimeballs.

NC Clothing is a new clothing company out of Northern California, focusing on “what is wanted and needed in a clothing line.” The team consists of: Gershon Mosley, Paul Sharpe, Cairo Foster, and Jerry Hsu. The line will be available in Spring 1999. For information, contact NC at: 1-888-249-3535.

Sacramento, California’s Mike Rafter is the newest pro for Creature. Though there have been some changes, Chet Childress is still an active member of the Creature team, despite some rumors to the contrary. The Creature and Santa Cruz videos are due out May 1999.

Joel Meinholz is the latest addition to Tampa’s Far East Skateboards.

Firewood Skateboards has added Hugh Donome and Phillip Samanas to the team.

Jason Maxwell has joined the DNA skateboards team, which already includes: James Riff, Jimmy Chadwick, and Chris Livingston.

For the record, the departure of Plan B from Armageddon Distribution does not affect the XYZ team roster, which consists of Danny Way, Rick McCrank, Peter Hewitt, Pat Duffy, Bill Weiss, Jason Maxwell, Chad Vogt, Justin Bokma, Pat Channita, Ryan Simonetti, Jake Stewart, and Brian Emmers. Check out their talents in the newest XYZ video which is available now.

Moses Itkonen has taken over the team duties for Platinum and is working closely with team riders Arto Saari, Jake Stewart, Neal Mims, and Paul Machnau. All five riders are highlighted in Platinum’s promo video, Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Powellwelcomes its newest pro, former Plan Bskater Pat Channita. At press time, Pat was busy filming his part for the new Powell video, Magic. Filmed by Wing Ko, Preston Maigetter, and Dag Yngvesson, the video will premier during the Etnies Plywood Paradisecontest at Skate Street Skatepark in Ventura, California. Three new amateurs have been added to the Bones Brigade: Gianni Zattoni, Giorgio‘s younger brother; Rodney Jones from Baltimore, and San Jose’s Joe Hutchison. Their first major appearance will be in Magic, which have been filming in 16mm for Halloween release.

Powell/Skate One Corp. was honored as an Earth-friendly business by the Green Consortium, which consists of U.S. Congresswoman Lois Capps, U.S. Senator Jack O’Connell, and California State Assemblyman Brooks Firestone. The company’s efforts include composting wood scraps for fertilizer, returning excess glue to manufacturers, and recycling steel drums, aluminum, cardboard, and paper. Additionally, Powell converted its printing operation from an oil-based lacquer to a lead-free, water-based paint, which allows for cleaning screens without thinner. SKATE Bizcommends Powell/Skate One for their efforts and congratulates them on being recognized.

Nixon watches has hired three new employees: Tom Landes is Nixon’s first shipping and inventory manager, Allison Hicks is the first full-time inside sales and service representative, and Bryan Reed is the controller.