Industry News October 1998

This fall marks the twentieth anniversary of Beer Citypro Duane Peters‘ becoming the first skater to make a full revolution on a loop ramp without tracks. More recently, Tony Hawkmade the stunt famous in an Airwalkprint ad and a Schickrazor television commercial. Hawk also rode the loop for the upcoming Birdhousevideo.

Hawk recently joined the ranks of such celebrities as Christy Brinkley, Dennis Rodman, and Bill Clintonwhen he became the newest personality to promote milk in the popular Milk Mustache/Got Milk?series of print ads. For the ad, renowned fashion photographer Annie Liebovitzshot Tony in mid Indy nosebone, staring at the camera with the trademark white mustache.

Arranged by Rob Wellsand the Thermostatmarketing group, the ad was a project that Hawk says he was stoked to be involved with. After wrapping up the photo shoot, he is reported to have busted out a full vert routine, including a 720, to the ovation of the twenty-person crew and Liebovitz herself. The Hawk Milk Mustache ad will run through December in many mainstream and alternative-sports magazines like Rolling Stone, Boy’s Life, TransWorld SKATEboarding, and Marvel Comics titles.

Skatepark builder Omer Wyndham has joined Team Pain, the skatepark design and construction company led by Tim Payne. Wyndham is responsible for many concrete parks, like Colorado’s Crested Butte Skatepark. Team Pain has just finished rebuilding the Ocean City, Maryland skatepark, and is now working on a 15,000-square-foot concrete facility in Satellite Beach, Florida. Payne says that his four crews are working nonstop to build more parks throughout the country. Team Pain has some useful information on designing and building parks, and can be reached at: (407) 695-8215.

CCS Mailorderannounces the addition of Chad Muskato its pro team. Other CCS pros include Rune Glifberg, Geoff Rowley, Kareem Campbell, Jason Adams, Eric Koston, Rick Howard, Heath Kirchart, Bob Burnquist, Bill Pepper, and Ed Templeton. The entire CCS team will appear at Skate Street Skateparkin Ventura, California on September 26 for a pro demo. For more information about the demo, call Skate Street at: (805) 650-1213.

Buckle-Down Skategoodsof Westbury, New York have introduced a series of fingerboard ramp kits. These mini versions of street obstacles and vert ramps offer realistic terrain for fingerboard enthusiasts, and can be assembled in a skatepark layout. The wooden kits assemble quickly and include real metal coping. They retail from eighteen to 26 dollars, and include stickers from prominent skateboard manufacturers to decorate the ramps. For more information, call: (516) 333-6342.

Frankie Hillis a name we haven’t heard in a while, but the former Powell pro has launched a new board-and-wheel company with two partners in Santa Barbara, California. Legionoffers two wheel shapes and five boards, including Hill’s pro model. He said he’s building the team with several ams, mostly from the Santa Barbara area, and will be adding more pros. For more information, call: 1-800-517-6224.

Cairo Fosterhas joined Mad Circlein time for the team’s summer tour. His new pro model is out now. Following up their latest video, 5iveflavors, Mad Circle will soon release a new promo video featuring its latest team riders.

Rob Gonzalez is now pro for New Deal, joining pros Carl Shipman and Chad Bartie. Greg Harris is the newest amateur addition to the team, which also features Kenny Reed and Sean Mullendore.

Look for footage and other documentation from Element’s month-long U.S. tour, which included Kenny Hughes, Reese Forbes, Billy Pepper, Donny Barley, and new pro Tim O’Connor. Kris Markovich joined halfway through the tour.

Sharp Skinsbrings four-color process printing to skateboards with its specially treated 1/16th-inch maple veneers. The company claims it can bond any photo-realistic graphic to these veneers, and their Slick Skinstopcoat makes it super slippery. For more information, call: (619) 262-3002. Or visit their Web site at:

While most new brands tend to squeeze into the oversaturated board market with nearly identical products, Aircraft skateboards are a unique diversion from the ordinary. Made from an extruded aircraft-grade aluminum stock, Aircraft boards are cut and formed to shape, and capped with high-impact plastic ends. While manufacturers of sports equipment for other sports (like golf and baseball) have switched from wood to aluminum and other composite materials, skateboarders have clung to the familiar tree-based material. Aircraft is the first aluminum alternative to maple skateboards since the 70s.

Nixon watches welcomes Colin McKayand Bob Burnquistto its rather elite skateboard team.

Powellis busy working on its new video, and has sent cinematographer Wing Koto Europe with the team to collect footage at some exotic spots. European Bones Brigadiers Giorgio Zattoni, Danny Wainwright, and Javier Saramientowill also be featured skating their local terrain in Italy, England, and Spain, respectively, and together at spots around the world. Just in time for the holidays, the video is scheduled for release on October 31.

Jeremy Wray and Mike Maldonaldo are the latest skaters to join the Bones Bearing team. Rodney Jones from Baltimore, Maryland has been added to the Bones Brigade as its first amateur in quite some time.

Japanese skaters will soon see a new Honda ad featuring the Bones Brigade. The team traveled to Japan to shoot the car commercial to help introduce a brand new sports-utility vehicle to the Japanese market. Steve Caballero, Giorgio Zattoni, Jason Ellis, and Andy Macdonald filmed on a new vert ramp and street obstacles built by Honda just for the commercial, which will air in Japan only.

The Split skate team featuring Andy Macdonald, Neal Hendrix, Gino Perez, and amateurs Abram Bathgate, Dan Pageau, and Tony DaSilva will be invading East Coast skateparks this fall to help raise money and support for community skateparks. The tour leaves Rhode Island at the end of October and will spend two weeks making its way down to Florida. Check Split’s Web site for dates and cities.

Landspeedwheels will release a promo video in mid October, and welcomes Buster Haltermanto its pro team.

Ethan Fowleris the latest pro on the Foundation Super, joining pros Brad Staba, Jon West, and Josh Beagle, and ams Judd Hertzler, Tony DaSilva, and Greg Gardner. A new Foundation video is in the works, and will likely include footage from the team’s East Coast tour, which took them from Boston to Tampa.

Pigwheels welcomes Cairo Fosteras its latest pro.

Colin McKayand Andrew Reynoldshave joined the Fourstarpro team, which also includes Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Keenan Milton, Rick Howard, Mark Gonzales, and Max Schaaf.

Not to be confused with Alien Workshop‘s distribution company, DNA Distribution, Zorlac has launched a new pro line of decks under the dNAbrand. Models for Chris Livingston, Jimmy Chadwick, and James Riff were released in early September. dNA will compliment AZA’s popular line of Zorlac blank decks, Unittrucks, FKDbearings, and Flyawaysafety gear.

Terminal Velocity Streetboards
(TVS) has released a series of longboards whose shapes resemble snowboards. The decks are nine-inches wide, and feature sidecut, camber, concave, cut-out wheel wells, and upturned twin tips. They are available in three lengths – 38, 42, and 49 inches – and come complete with Independent 215 trucks and 72mm wheels. For more information, call: (760) 729-2498.

Gordon & Smith(G&S) skateboards has released a new Fibreflexlongboard. Invented in the mid 60s, the wood-and-fiberglass skateboards became the most popular slalom and race decks because of their flexibility and rebound. The new Fibreflex longboards feature vertically laminated woodcores sandwiched between pre-cured epoxy-fiberglass, and are available in 38- and 44-inch lengths. For more information, call G&S at: (619) 581-5155.