Industry News October 1999

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After about three years of researching, compiling, and editing, New York-based art curator Aaron Rose has finally realized his dream of publishing a comprehensive history of skateboard art. Dysfunctionalis a 210-page soft-back collection of some of the most notorious–and some obscure–images from skateboarding’s past and present. Magazine spreads, photos, ads, board graphics, zines, and anything to which skateboarders have laid their talents were game for this brash collage of skateboarding-inspired works. The book is published by London’s Booth Clibborn Editions, and is available through major book chains, museum stores, and Web dealers like for about 30 bucks. For more information, check out Booth Clibborn’s Web site at

From the Girl/Chocolate/Fourstar house in Torrance, California comes the Royal skateboard truck company. Established in 1998 with the goal of creating a lightweight, durable truck based around the style of skating enjoyed by its team, Royal’s first series was launched at ASR in September and is represented by Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Guy Mariano,and Colin McKay.

After a two-year hiatus from video making, Foundation Super Co. celebrated its ten-year anniversary with its latest production, Nervous Breakdown. With footage of Brad Staba, Ethan Fowler, Jon West, Daniel Shimizu, Omar Salazar, Tony DaSilva, Toebee Parkhurst, Gary Robinson, and Judd Hertzler set to classic punk tracks, Nervous Breakdownreasserts Foundation’s place in the hallowed halls of street-punk-gnar-tech skateboarding. The video premiered July 30 at San Diego’s Casbah club, where Tum Yeto matched the door take to raise 5,000 dollars for the Washington Street Skatepark project. The day after the Casbah event, Hangar 18skate shop hosted the under-21 premiere.

Santa Cruzhas been busy recreating itself with an almost-entirely new team, a new logo (the Knotto replace the classic Dot), and some interesting new deck constructions (see Skateboards Diversify, page twelve).With its amateur-team video, Ammo,fresh in everyone’s mind, Santa Cruz arrived at the Action Sports Retailer Trade Expo in San Diego in September with a renewed look and a whole line of products. The Dot logo will still appear on select products, so old-schoolers who grew up with it need not fret.

Santa Cruz’ brother brand, Road Rider, has also seen some changes. The Road Rider program has been expanded to include 42- and 46-inch longboards, plus an array of big, soft wheels.

Big Daddy, Inc.has provided the city of Seal Beach, California with a skatepark built entirely from Big Daddy’s ramp kits. Big Daddy ramp components are weatherproofed, and the ramp surfaces are made from durable Skatelite. Using the ramp kits, the Seal Beach park was assembled in two days. For more information, contact Big Daddy at: (714) 893-5621. Or log on to

Ramptech, Inc.has installed four skateparks throughout the U.S. in the last 30 days, and has sold an additional three in kit form. Retail shops can get involved with the company’s Incentive Program, which can help get a skatepark in your town or city. Contact Ramptech at: (703) 492-2378 for details.

Fresh Jive sponsored the opening of Chicago’s Sixspace gallery in July. The grand opening featured the photography of Glen E. Friedman (Fuck You Heroes), and introduced rare, one of a kind proofs from his second book Fuck You Too. This exhibition, aptly titled Fuck You All, showcased Friedman’swork from the mid 70s to mid 90s, including many of his early skateboarding images. Check out or Friedman’s own Web site at

Sessionsreleased its first ever 16mm film this September 10. Viva Sessionsfeatures a cast of legendary and up-and-coming snowboarders and skateboarders, including the likes of Vancouver, Canada’s Alex Chalmers.

The First Supernautvideo, Infinite Momentum,was released in late August. Systems Distribution has also released a new pricepoint line, Trust, and is assembling an all-American amateur team.

Seattle-based surf/snow/skate retailer Zumiez, launching its new e-commerce Web site this month at The site is designed to complement the company’s 50 nationwide retail stores, and will offer over 400 products, including apparel and surf/skate/snow hardgoods. Skaters will be able to buy individual products, or choose components for complete decks, offered at a package price (undisclosed at press time).

Apollopxis a new skate backpack company. Its first line will be available this fall, and will be promoted by a strong pro team: Neal Mims, Chad Fernandez, Forrest Kirby, Mathias Ringstrom, and Chad Knight, with more to follow. For more information, contact Apollopx at: (760) 635-5923. Or check out its Web site at

Powellhas been reorganizing its urethane program, and introduced a new truck bushing and dual-durometer wheel at ASR. Hard Core Bones Bushings combine a rigid, glass filled hardcore urethane center with softer Bones urethane around it. This dual-durometer combination of urethanes is designed to provide quicker response, better centering, and smoother turning.

Bones now come with an easy-to-read color stamp on the back of each wheel to help skaters know which Bones formula they are buying: Blue Dot is the Mini Logo formula; Red Dot is faster, smoother, and longer lasting; Gold Dot is Bones’ premium, clear formula.

The first Bones dual-durometer skateboard wheel, Bones HardCores is the result of two years of development. The HardCore hub is precision molded of high rebound, fiberglass-reinforced, extra-hard urethane, and is designed to spread weight across the bearings and the wheel tread, which translates into a faster, smoother ride. Bones HardCores are available in 54 and 56 mm sizes, and 97A or 101A Red Dot Bones urethane.

The Powell Brigade Signature Series decks feature the Brigade logo, pro-rider signatures, and a subtle background image of Animal Chin. Debuting in this series is the Javier Sarmiento model.

Bones introduced a reengineered bearing technology for competition skating. Bones Ceramics consist of U.S.-made, solid, silicone-nitride ceramic balls, a high-speed synthetic ball retainer, and the Bones competition-proven Swiss polished-steel races. This combination of components is designed to provide less rolling resistance for greater speed and lighter weight for faster acceleration. Bones still offers its popular China Bones Reds and Swiss Black Shield bearings as well.

In Deluxe Distribution news, Gabe Morford is currently spearheading production of the new Real video, which should be available early next year. Meanwhile, Deluxe’s On Pointvideo has recently hit the market, following the releases of the GnarcoticaGreat Lakes tour video and Kicked Out of Everywhere, Real’s video sampler. On Point‘s 39 minutes showcases everyone on the Real, Stereo, and Anti-Heroteams. Spitfire is currently working on a formula for a softer wheel, while offering up pro models from Kris Markovich and John Cardiel. Also, look for a new truck design from Thunder.

Getting into the clothing spirit, Elementintroduced its first clothing line at the ASR show. Among the stylish items is the Element Pull Pant, which attracted a
lot of attention for its clever pant-leg retracting mechanism. The Elementtour video is also finally done and available.

New Dealpro Ricky Oyolais finally back in the U.S. after serving some time in Australia for assault. Returning to his hometown of Philadelphia, Ricky’s been riding at Love Park to prepare for the upcoming New Deal East Coast Tour, which will also include the likes of Chad Bartie, Rob Gonzales, Ryan Johnson, and New Deal ams Greg Harris, Sean Mullendore, and Kenny Reed.

In the race to create the most cutting-edge skateboard video game, Activisionhas added female skater Elissa Steamerto the lineup of well established athletes in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for the Sony PlayStation.

The Envy team has been busy filming for its upcoming skate/surf/snow/wake flick, which is set for release in December.

Frontline Distribution introduced Redline, a new wheel company, at ASR. Redline’s catalog includes three wheel sizes (50, 52, 54 mm) as well as a line of performance bearings. For more information, call Frontline Distribution: 1-800-260-0580.

London’s Blueprint skateboards has released models for newcomers Mark Bainsand Carl Shipman. The company has also released its Urban Decayand Sealseries of boards, both of which are available in the U.S. through AWH Sales.

Blueprint has also spun off a new wheel brand. The Octagon wheel company is dedicated tohelping develop new British talent. For more information, call M17 distribution in London at: 44-1787-269-900. Or call AWH in Illinois at: (847) 869-9252.

A print magazine has finally been created to showcase longboard skateboarding exclusively. International Longboarderis produced by Michael Brooke (author of The Concrete Wave: A History Of Skateboarding) and Tom Browne, and not only focuses on longboarding, but also its cousins downhill skateboarding and luge. This priceless magazine (it’s free) will be published quarterly and distributed worldwide. Issue number two is scheduled to hit the streets in November. For more information, call Michael Brooke at: (905) 738-0804.

Jessupgriptape is now available in 100-pack boxes. Previously only available in boxes of twenty, distributors can now reap the benefits of bulk packaging. Jessup griptapeis also available in both rolls and sheets of many sizes.

Utilizing the talents of producer Scott Yamamura, Trueskateboardswill be releasing a video in November. The project will include a lot of footage from the team’s East Coast summer tour. For more information, call 7-Ply, Inc. at: (514) 335-3885.

A comprehensive skatepark guide of Portland, Oregon and its surrounding areas has been put together by Daddies Board Shop.The guide features the locations of parks from St. Helens to Bend, as well as descriptions of each park’s terrain. For information on picking up a copy, contact Melanie Loveland at: (503) 281-5123.

Beginning spring of 2000, Splitclothing will offer Woodward Skate Campshirts to help fund a camp scholarship program. A portion of the retail price will help bring more kids to Woodward. For more information, call Split at: (714) 847-5702.

The Triumph wheel company is a new venture launched by Chris Senn, Mike Santarossa, Hanzy Driscoll, Alex Chalmers, Dave Duren, Frankie Hill, Dylan Gardner, Tony Tieu, and Mike Manzoori. The new line offers four wheel sizes to choose from: 50, 53, 56, and 58 mm. For more information, call Triumph at: (805) 966-9399.

Chapman skateboards debuted its new promo video at ASR in September. It features pros Danny Gonzalez, Billy Rohan, and Mathias Ringstrom, and is complemented by the amateur stylings of Scott Pazelt and Anthony Furlong. Also, look for a new Chapman concave designed by Danny Gonzalez. For more information, call: (516) 952-1772.

Firewoodskateboards and Alvahave joined up for a road trip to the Colorado skateparks in late September. Look for their decks and coverage of their adventures online at:

Select Distribution has hired Ron Camero as its domestic sales manager. Ron will be managing an in-house sales staff and hiring outside sales reps for the Shuvit, Vision, G&S, and Smith Safety Gear brands. Select would also like to welcome its newest in-house sales reps, Tony Latourand Chad Atwood.

Returning to the Select catalog are Vision Shoes. After a few years of international distribution, two styles are now available in the U.S. The Smith Safety Gear line has been updated with some new items, including a helmet. Smith products are available through Select and Eastern Skateboard Supply. For more information on Select brands and Lumberyard OEM programs, call: (949) 722-8556.

The Alphanumeric family would like to welcome Shawn “Kento” Baravetto to its sales team. Shawn joins Sales Manager Mirko Mangum and West Coast sales rep Flo Diaz. Call them at: (619) 702-5775.

Flexdex welcomes new sales rep Hank Guyader. Hank covers Southern California, San Diego to Los Angeles, and can be reached at: (858) 560-2640, ext. 153.

Leonardo Pais has been named president of Bravo Corporation, parent company to The Hub distribution (Channel Oneskateboards, Satellite 302, and Livewirewheels). Pais was president of Bravo’s Italian-based Xeroin-line wheel company, and will relocate to Southern California to lead the global operation.

Frontlinedistribution welcomes Eric Lantto as the new team manager for Republicskateboards and Redlinewheels and bearings.