Insight’s 300 Seconds Party

Come out and play….

Insight is throwing a party and you’re invited.

Celebrating their US arrival with a surf, skate & create mentality, Insight are proud to present “Insight 300 Seconds” @ The Belly Up on September 15th.

Insight 300 Seconds is an international short film festival which unearths and supports independent film makers. It began last year in Australia, with entries stretching far and wide. Hundreds more joined the collective this year, and Insight happily handed out 20G’s in cash to the main contenders.

Guidelines were simple. Keep it short (300 seconds – that’s 5 minutes or less) and showcase whatever you want. Be it surfing, skateboarding, music, art, fashion or. anything. The top 10 entries being showcased via a world tour.. including the Belly Up in Solana Beach on September 15th.

Following ASR in San Diego, and taking place while all surfing stars are in town, Insight 300 Seconds is sure to make some noise.

Insight also gives you “The Beautiful Girls” and “The White Buffalo” on stage, as well as Transworld Surf’s resident DJ funnyman Chris Cote on the mic and turntables.

If we have your mailing address you’ll receive a special invitation soon, or more propaganda will reach you during the tradeshow circuit.

Spread the word, as we want to have fun with the ones we love.

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