Jack’s Garage Signs Kass, Rice, Wall

Jack’s Garage Boardshop in Huntington Beach, Ca announces its snow team for the 2001-2002 season. Although it took the use of illegal substances, deadly firearms, and a couple of really really big guys in suits named Sonny and Vito, we finally got some people to ride snow boards for us.Matt Kass
Eric Jackson
Rahm Klampert
Scotty Arnold
Eddie Wall
Travis Rice
Danny Kass
Kevin Casillo
J.D. Grimes
Jason Borgstede
Josh Gervase
Brian Tobin
Carissa Delange
Jill Jacobs
Luke Trembath
Derek Rue

Jack’s Garage is a shop that has been open for a while servicing all of so cal for it’s snow boarding needs. It also plans to move and expand to a more radical and bitchen location to Main street Huntington Beach. We are also proud to announce that Dave Schiff a New Jersey native who currently resides in Mammoth Lakes, will be our assistant team manager who will be in charge of all our global operations. All in all Jack’s Garage is super stoked with the addition of its gnarly team and its sickter assistant team manager.