Jaysport On Hiring Spree

Canoga Park, Ca.–In an effort to accelerate its presence in the snowboard industry, Jaysport International has gone on a hiring spree.

Jaysport is pleased to announce the latest new employees, Mike Fox, most recently a K2 employee, will be heading up the production for all brands, Atlantis, Type-A, Division-23 and Kemper snowboard products. Jaysport has also hired Zan Perry, former Salomon Snowboard sales representative, to head up it’s customer service department. Also coming from Salomon is former sales representative, Tony DeLeo, as a buyer and an assistant to marketing and sales for the snowboard division.

“The snowboard industry is about people,” says Terry DeLeo, Vice President of Jaysport International. DeLeo continues, “With the addition of sales oriented people into critical positions of this company, the basic rule we all understand is customer satisfaction. I feel that it is necessary for every person here to understand fully what the needs are of the true snowboarder and true snowboard retailer. We all snowboard, we have all worked at the retail level and we have all been sales representatives. This gives us a better understanding of what we need to do to go to the next level.”

Jay Joffe, President and owner of Jaysport International, adds, “For me this is a new beginning. I have been surrounded, the past eight months, by people that are branded snowboard developers. This is an entire new direction and one that I feel is necessary for my company.”

Joffe continues, ” I would like our brands to be recognized as products that are desired by the true essence of the sport, real snowboarders. By adding the people we have hired most recently, we are taking one more positive step to the redevelopment of some great brands that can offer some individuality to the retailer and snowboarder. I think that is what this sport used to be about. We are making the necessary investments to better our company resulting in better service to the customers.”

Jaysport has moved to a new larger location to consolidate its services to the customer. The new Canoga Park location will allow Jaysport to work all facets of its business from one location thus greater control.

For more information on Jaysport contact:Terry DeLeo 818-591-2686terryd@jayport.comJack Coghlan 818-591-2687 jackc@jaysport.com