Jeff Cutler Joins Reef as Marketing Director

Reef has hired Jeff Cutler as its Marketing Director. “We are happy to announce, with the arrival of JeffCutler, our eighteen-month search for our global marketingdirector has been concluded,” noted Reef chairman, FernandoAguerre. “Jeff has an awesome skill set. His backgroundincludes a stint with Mattel in international licensingand more recently as marketing manager at Globe. Heis well known in the surf and skate industry and isjust the guy we have been searching for. We are stoked!”

Jeff Cutler said, “I am equally stoked and thank Fernandoand Santiago for selecting me. The Reef vibe is globaland I am looking forward to the challenge of marketingthe brand. I will miss my colleagues at Globe, but knowthey are in good hands.”

Aguerre continued, “My brother and I decided sometime ago that it was time to strengthen the team. Inthe last few months we have added some real talent withthe hiring of an entire new product creation team underDave Mellon, our first ever CEO Bob Rief, John Wilsonheading up our US sales team, and now Jeff Cutler inmarketing.”

“We have the players in place now to take the brandto the next level. Santiago and I are especially pleasedthat the entire team are committed surfers and havethat special knowledge of the sport that is so necessaryfor a core brand like Reef.”

Reef footwear was founded in 1985 by Fernando andSantiago Aguerre and today is the largest surf and beachfootwear brand in the world. Reef specializes in alltype of beach, sport, technical and casual sandals andis an emerging leader in skate and active footwear.It is distributed in over 100 countries on over fivecontinents. For more information contact Heather Bensenat: 1-800-423-6855 or