Jetpilot Spring 2011 Boardshort Preview

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Jet Fight: MSRP: $54 & Star Tours MSRP: $69

Jet Fight: MSRP: $54 & Star Tours MSRP: $69


2490 Ash St.

Vista, CA 92081


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TW:  What key trends, design elements, and/or special features differentiate your brand’s boardshort line?

Brian Jellig: We’ve broken our boardshort line into 3 main sub categories:

1.   “Performance” – Featuring our newest stretch fabrics and key technical details and streamlined fit patterns.

2.   “Hybrid” –  Walkshort style & fit but built with our new “Jet-Lite” quick- dry nylon boardshort material.  Details such as an integrated bottle opener, belt loops, zipper-fly & extra pocketing.

3.   “Rideshorts” – Groundbreaking invention & original innovation.  For 2011, Jetpilot will have Rideshorts that have removable wetsuit and/or lycra compression liners that are interchangeable and compatible across other models.  For example, our new GameChanger rideshort is compatible with our new Boat Trip rideshort with a simple zip in/out system.

TW:  What’s the major color story this season for your brand’s boardshort offering?

Brian Jellig: For 2011, we’ve gone with a slightly darker more solid base palette on many models and then mixed in some color pops of a few brights like Greens, Blues & even Orange.

TW:  What is your brand doing to address the demand for high-performance boardshorts within the line this season?

Brian Jellig: Our Rideshort series with interchangeable flex-lite neoprene and/or lycra liners is something that has never been seen before on the technical performance front.  We also are introducing our new “Helium Flex” nylon for the first time.  Also, a few new models, such as Shane Bonifay’s new signature boardshort, features a completely seamless inner leg zone as well as water repellent stretch nylon.  The performance is definitely stepped up to another level for 2011.

TW:  What are some of your key design influences or inspirations?

Brian Jellig: For the past 18 months, Jetpilot has been operating with an initiative we call the “Jetpilot Riders Collective“.  It’s a system of product development and feedback from all our Action Sports which include Wake, Surf, Moto, BMX & PWC.  The end result is better, more complete and innovative products.  Our 2011 line will be the first to debut a complete cycle utilizing the Jetpilot Riders Collective system.  We’re definitely excited and inspired by all the different influences and feedback that we have been able to put into this line.  We can’t wait to show everyone. 

TW:  What were some of the most successful trends/ styles from last season and how did you incorporate those success into next season’s line?

Brian Jellig: We had 3 top selling boardshorts last season that ran neck n’ neck on volume. One hybrid boardshort called the S.D. Chino, a moto inspired signature boardshort called The Burner and our new high end GameChanger Rideshort.   These 3 models helped lead the way for this new line.  For 2011, we’ve expanded the line to offer groupings around these popular styles as well as added details, features, embellishments and new technical fabrications.

TW:  Have you made any changes to your delivery dates? If so, what changes have you made and why were they made?

Brian Jellig: Yes.  Last year we did a 4th Quarter early delivery in November as a way to help shops with some Holiday demand and lengthen the window of the season.  Although, we now have other products that are on offer for this same November date window, so we are going back to a more traditional date range for 2011.  We will ship in January based off initial bookings and again in March/April for late Spring & Summer.  We are also planning a tight amount of stock to service some new at once demand that has been increasing as we open up new accounts.  The at once product has proven to be key for all the new accounts that have been signing on as authorized Jetpilot dealers