K2 ate my Festicals in 2002

Click here for a Festical Quicktime video clip.

For those living along the Mt. Baker Highway, the regular flow of RV’s on April eighth must have looked like a Fourth of July train of retirees on their way through Yellowstone National Park. The mass pilgrimage of people rolling up to Mt. Baker on April 8, 2002, however was drawn for more noble reasons-the prospect of snowboarding and partying with fellow K2 staff, pro riders, and retailers for four days at the second annual K2 Festical

This year’s Festical taking place April 8-12 has drawn almost 300 people from snowboard shops across the country. The event is working toward a legendary status in the hearts of U.S. retailers and even on the first day many were already anticipating hangovers to match last year’s. It’s evident the 2002 Festical is a great time for shop employees to meet the K2 staff and team, network with others from around the country, and of course test the season’s preparation of their legs and liver.

This year’s event featured a big party tent and two sleeping tents (one co-ed the other women’s only) surrounded by about 50 RVs in Mt. Baker’s upper parking lot. Reps brought in demo tents and decorated them with Christmas lights to add to the atmosphere, and each RV was well stocked with plenty of snowboards and alcohol for après snowboarding.

While it was only the first night, plenty of stories were in the making and the party tent was only just getting started, with a smooth hip-hop/rap band jamming into the evening while people drank, schmoozed, danced, or played fooz ball and air hockey. “I worried that I might not be able to keep this up for all four days,” says former K2 marketing intern Melissa Dion.

Whether people are going to party until they drop will be seen, but that might not be a good idea, as the K2 Festical T-shirt says, If I die, you can eat me.