K2 Inc. Elects Dan Quayle To Board

But can he spell snowboard correctly?

K2 Inc. (NYSE:KTO) announced that Dan Quayle, 44th Vice President of the United States, has been elected to fill a vacancy on the board of directors.

Commenting on the appointment, Richard J. Heckmann, chairman of the board of directors of K2 Inc., said, “I have known Dan Quayle for years and have great respect for his insights in business. We will benefit from his knowledge of the international landscape, particularly of the Asia Pacific region. Dan will be invaluable in helping K2 as the company continues to explore new and promising markets worldwide.”

During his tenure as Vice President of the United States, Quayle traveled extensively throughout the world, served as the Chairman of the National Space Council, and headed the Council of Competitiveness, which worked to ensure U.S. international competitiveness into the 21st century.

Prior to his election as Vice President, Quayle served as a member of both the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. During his tenure in the United States Senate, Quayle served on numerous committees, including the Budget Committee and the Labor and Human Resources Committee.

Quayle is the author of “Standing Firm,” a best-selling memoir. The former Vice President also has written a nationally syndicated newspaper column and has served on a number of corporate boards.

K2 Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of brand- name sporting goods, recreational and industrial products. The company’s sporting goods and recreational products include well-known names such as K2 and Olin alpine skis; K2, Ride and Morrow snowboards, boots and bindings; K2 in-line skates; Stearns sports equipment; Shakespeare fishing tackle; K2 bikes; and Dana Design backpacks.

K2’s other recreational products include Planet Earth apparel, Adio skateboard shoes and Hilton corporate casuals. K2’s industrial products include Shakespeare extruded monofilaments, marine antennas and composite light poles.