Kelly Slater Outside The Boundries

Event dates:June 4 ¿ 17
Location: Indian Ocean

A surfing expedition unlike any other, featuring six-time world championKelly Slater, begins this weekend at a secret location in the Indian Ocean.

Over the past two years Kelly Slater has been in semi retirement from theWorld Championship Tour and as a result he has been less accessible to theinternational media. For the next two weeks he will board the QuiksilverCrossing with a select group of surfers he has personally invited. KellySlater Outside the Boundaries will be broadcast to the world, from somewhereon the Indian Ocean, via the internet.

[IMAGE 1]The Quiksilver Crossing is a voyage of surfing discovery on board the surfexploration vessel, the Indies Trader. The boat left Papua New Guinea inMarch 1999 and over the last two years has journeyed east across the SouthPacific to French Polynesia. From there it has returned west to the northernislands of the Indian Ocean.

Since it’s inception the Crossing has found more than 60 world class waves,most have never been surfed. It has carried over 250 people includingprofessional surfers (males and females), marine biologists, universityprofessors, cinematographers and photographers to record the adventures.Scientific data has been collected throughout the voyage on isolated coralreefs and this is being collated for the United Nations-sanctioned ReefCheck program. Another important aspect of the Crossing is respect for, andinteraction with, local cultures.

Kelly’s invited team includes, two time world champion Tom Carroll(Australia), 2001 In Memory of Eddie Aikau winner Ross Clarke Jones(Australia), Mavericks charger Peter Mel (USA), and all round waterman DaveKalama (Hawaii). He has also chosen to introduce two young grommets – DylanGraves (15, Puerto Rico) and Ry Craike (16, Western Australia) – to theselegends of the sport and to the worlds media.

The mission of Kelly Slater and his team will be to discover new surf spotsand they definitely have the energy needed to ignite these undiscoveredwaves.

“I’m looking forward to joining the Crossing for a two week stint,” KellySlater stated. “It’s prime season for waves in this region of the IndianOcean right now and a solid swell is on its way.” He went on to say, “I havejust recovered from a recent injury and am really fired-up to go surfing.The lure of new discoveries makes it even more exciting.”

During the Southern hemisphere winter, almost constant storms in theSouthern Ocean off the Antarctic generate swells which march unimpedednorthward through the Indian Ocean towards the Indonesian Archipelago’s.The Quiksilver Crossing’s experts have been closely following the US NavyWAM charts (worldwide swell forecasting tool) and a perfect swell is due tohit the day Kelly and his team arrive on the boat.

[IMAGE 2]Keeping our locations confidential is a very important aspect of theQuiksilver Crossing. While the basic route is outlined, no specificreferences are given in regards to surf spots. The primary aim of theCrossing is to explore new regions and to avoid populated surfing areas asmuch as possible. On this trip we are looking for new waves in a rarelyvisited region of the Indian Ocean.

The Indies Trader is a 75-foot diving and survey vessel constructed of steelwith an aluminum wheelhouse. It weighs 95 tones and has a cruising speed ofeight knots. At the beginning of the Crossing’s voyage her hull was paintedwith a Polynesian tattoo design. She is totally customized for surfexploration.

All this action will be captured through a range of mediums for use by thepress. Three cinematographers will be filming with Betacam, digital and 16mm cameras. Two still photographers will be on board capturing everything onboth digital and 35mm slide film.

The latest satellite and computer equipment has also been shipped to theQuiksilver Crossing so that we can get up to the minute information from themiddle of the Indian Ocean.