Lucid Notion Hires Korean Distributor

The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company, a relatively humorous newcomer to the snowboard world, has brought the nice people over at LTR Distribution on board to handle their dirty work in South Korea
LTR is a new distribution company based in Seoul South Korea. They are headed by Mr. S.J. Park, and they are also the distributors of Strand MFG. Clothing from California. (

If you are ever strolling the streets of Seoul, you can find their office at this address:

LTR Distribution

5F, 172-173, Suyu3-Dong,

Ganbuk-Ku, Seoul, Korea

If you find yourself looking for Lucid Notion Snowboards in Korea you can call Mr. Park at this phone number and email address:

Phone: 82-16-285-0364


And if for some reason you’re tooling around on the Internet, and looking for something more fun then Myspace:

The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company is snowboardings equivalent to the kid in high school that you gave wedgies to, and the kind of snowboard company you would like to steal lunch money from. They are based in Downtown Denver Colorado, with a great view of the traffic on Speer Blvd. You can reach the geeky little kids in the United States at: and now in Korea at:

As always we here at Lucid Notion thank you for your interest