Mahfia And Group Y Rally Portland Women To Help Grow Action Sports Participation

Mahfia and Group Y Rally Portland Women for Mahfia Sessions Portland

Mahfia And Group Y Rally Portland Women To Host 2nd Women’s Conference, Mahfia Sessions, In Portland, Oregon

Women's participation is on the rise and women's purchase power is irrefutable – so why are so many brands having a tough time communicating authentically with their female customers? Whether it's product, team representation, or marketing dollars – brands still seem to struggle getting it right.

These are the questions that Mahfia Sessions hopes to post at its next workshop in Portland, Oregon, which is being hosted in partnership with GroupY, Portland-based design firm Clutched Key Collective, Skate Like A Girl, and XS Helmets, and will feature a girls skate day—timed perfectly on Go Skateboarding Day—at Nike SB’s private skate park.

“We believe that successful communication with women consumers stems from 6 dimensions of engagement,” says Mahfia Founder Kim Woo. “At the Portland MAHFIA SESSIONS, we plan to gather and collaborate in looking at the real data and dispelling the myths. Our goal is that everyone walk away armed with facts and tools to implement the kind of change within our industry that we can all get behind.”

We caught up with Woo and Clutched Key Collective Creative Director Jen Lorentzen to hear more about how the Portland session came together and what they are trying to achieve.

Mafhia & Group Y Rally Portland Women

Jen Lorentzen, Creative Director of Clutched Key Collective

How did you guys decide to link up?

Jen: I reached out to Kim when Clutched Key couldn't make it down for the Mahfia Sessions in Mammoth. We knew a million people in common, but didn't know each other. We hopped on the phone and decided that the conversation we were having was bigger than the two of us.

Kim: I had wanted to do a Mahfia Session in the PNW and so the timing just seemed right. There are so many brands focused on product and the action sports are year round there. We feel the time is right for a conversation focused on productivity and positive growth. With increasing participation, there is something for everyone, it doesn't have to be one way or the other, there's room for our female customer to find what speaks to them. Empower and engage her and she will be loyal and share her experiences

Tell us a little about the format – it's not a traditional panel?

Kim: It's definitely more of a roundtable. We wanted an inclusive vibe – everyone we expect to attend has a perspective and we want to hear about it. We brought in people from the industry that we've had discussions with that seemed to drive the agenda, they're going to lead the break outs.

Jen: I went to a conference recently where panels restricted the conversations the collective could have been having. The best thing I took away was some data and phrasing that helped me articulate my POV to elevate women's communication. We feel like that's a benefit people who are invested in the future of our industry are looking for – a cohesive position, backed by data and consensus, that they can use to help advance the caliber of messaging and product for their customer.

And you guys have a skate component?

Kim: We're really excited our event falls on Go Skateboarding Day, it's a great opportunity to get ladies of all ability levels out in a safe no-pressure environment. XS Helmets will be demo-ing their new women's specific helmets while Skate Like a Girl is hosting a clinic to help people get to the next level, what ever that might be!

Jen: NikeSB graciously is allowing us to use their private park, so no one can see us fall! It should be a really fun time. A handful of pros, a handful of tic-tac'ers and a handful of kids should make it so there is a group everyone can push around with.

Mafhia & Group Y Rally Portland Women

Mafhia Sessions Founder, Kim Woozy, snowboarding in Mammoth. Photo:

You guys have both been in the business for awhile, why do you think now is the time for a session devoted to women's positioning?

Jen: There is a lot of momentum behind change for women right now, both inside and outside of action sports. You can't ignore Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg) or the Equal Pay Act – people are rallying to equalize the playing field. Action sports is seeing huge rises in participation, and there is so much more opportunity. It is crazy how much potential revenue is lost when you alienate women.

Kim: Female consumer and participation numbers are at an all time high. Data shows that each year female interest continues to grow steadily, approaching 50%. We want to give brands the tools to understand this demographic and successfully grow their business. By sharing our knowledge collectively we can capture females who will become life long participants,  loyal customers, and who will undoubtedly contribute to the forward progression of this industry.

For more information, and a look at the schedule for the three day event, visit Group Y. Here’s a look at what went down at the LAST MAHFIA SESSIONS in Mammoth:

ABOUT:  MAHFIA SESSIONS was created to highlight, encourage, educate, influence and entertain the unique network of females whose passions live amongst the active lifestyles of snow, skate, surf, wake, moto, bmx, music and more. The series is designed for females working in or interested in the action sports industry. Join us for an exclusive weekend to network with like minded people, learn from industry veterans and ride with friends and make some new ones, too.