Marco Siffredi First Ever To Board Mount Everest

TODAY 24.05.2000, Elan Snowboard Teamrider Marco Siffredi successfully completed the first-ever attempted descent of Mount Everest on an Elan Element snowboard- following Elan Skier Davor Karnicar in history.

The following is a message sent to Elan employee Martin Lehner from friends at Everest announcing the feat: “Here it is, Marco made it to the summit today, was the first person of the year to reach it even before the Sherpas “at 6AM”, watched the day rise alone on top of the world, sherpas joined him, he locked into his bindings and went for it, the “Norton” couloir North Face, at 200 meters from the summit one ofhis bindings broke due to extreme cold (-35 C), a sherpa came to his aid, fixed it with a tool kit, and he went on to pulvarize extreme snowboarding history!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8848 meters to 6400 meters integraly, no rappels, no ropes, approx. 2 hour decent.

There you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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