Markovich Sets World Record

Kris Markovich set the distance for the Guinness Book Of World Records official longest flatground ollie on October 30, 2003. LG Mobile phones put up a 5000-dollar purse, and held the contest inside Los Angeles, Californias Universal Citywalk.Only 30 skateboarders, both pro and am, were invited to the contest. Five of the amateurs were finalists from a previous long-ollie contest in Venice Beach, California, ten ams were randomly selected from a sign-up sheet on the LG Mobile Web site, and the remaining 15 were invite-only professionals. Among the professionals were Pat Duffy, Ryan Sheckler, Chad Fernandez, Carlos De Andrade, Ronnie Creager, Dayne Brummet, and of course, Kris Markovich.

The first round, skaters had to clear a 7.5 foot gap. Contestants dropped in on a wooden quarterpipe for speed, but it wasnt enough for some. Two of the lucky ams failed to clear the 7.5-foot mark. Others, like Ryan Sheckler, hit the twelve-foot mark on just about every ollie.

Many skaters were eliminated by the fifth round, failing to clear the eleven-foot mark. Those who hung on until the end were Ronnie Creager, Pat Duffy, and Chad Fernandez, But it was Markovich who took the prize and set the record at 16 feet 5 inches. Markovich, who hit the 14 foot mark in the first round, twisted his knee on his final attempt, but was still able to hobble over to accept his prize.

Danny Way and Jake Brown provided entertainment on a vert ramp both before and after the event.All contestants received LG Mobile picture phones.