Men’s 2011 Fall/Holiday Style Guide: Insight




Robbie Owens-Russo, Senior Men’s Designer

Wovens and plaid flannels are always an important category for Fall. How is your interpretation different this season in fit, details, finishing?

I think flannels-plaids especially-have become a wardrobe necessity. Season in season out they always seem to end up in the line, but each season they take a new form. It’s actually a good challenge to see how far you can push a classic plaid. This season the focus was on texture, mixing slub and melange techniques, then on the other hand using regular cotton, with a simple plaid pattern and throwing bleach at it, semi reflecting the early ’90s flow of the collection.

What is the story behind the T-shirt art and graphics for the season?

The title of the collection is “Bullets for Brains.” The theme has a subtle military undertone, with influence taken from the Seattle grunge scene of the early ’90’s, but the art/graphics take a humorous angle. For example, there is a tee in the range that has a young John Wayne in militant attire with a quote that says, “LIFE IS TOUGH, ITS TOUGHER IF YOUR STUPID!” Or a print that has an aerial photo of Seattle, spliced together with a shot of palm trees and paradise with the slogan reading “FOOLS PARADISE.”

What categories and styles did you see perform last season and how did you incorporate that retailer feedback into the collection?

I’d definitely say shirting as a whole, and jacketing. Insight is a lifestyle label based in the Southern Hemisphere: long warm summers, subtle winters, so heavy outerwear has always been something we listen to our Northern reps for in Europe and America. The West coast of the states has a similar climate to us in Sydney, our trans-seasonal garments work well, but focus on re-running styles that have worked previously in this category. Shirting has been a standout category for Insight Men’s collection. Our plaids have been praised in the market, so trying to push it to the next level has been great. We are making a big push in denim, and getting great feedback and see this category growing. The denim chambray shirting from our Denim Heads Collection was a favorite.

What are the fit, washes and treatment updates for the denim styles? What is the most fashion forward that you think denim silhouettes are moving towards?

Well, I have been trying to push a slightly looser fit that tapers a little. You could say a modern take on the traditional Levi’s 501. But whether you add new silhouettes every season, still our best sellers are our City Riot Stretch Slims and our Buzzcock Rigid Slims are always favorites, so I’ve added to these silhouettes, mixing up washes, trashing and art.

How has the response been for your slouchy styles for men’s pants?

Our Outlaw which is our take on the take Levi’s 501 would be our slouchy style, its definitely a highlight piece but definitely not a massive favorite. This is based on research as well as feedback, humans are creatures of comfort, so they keep coming back to proven styles. I’ve put this style in there for the outlandish fashion forward guy.

What are the key styles for jackets?

Our Guerilla Chant jacket is a standout, as it takes all the ideas and inspiration from that classic disposal jacket you have always wanted to find, but the fit is slimmer, the trims are fresh, the base fabric and washing takes it somewhere else. Plus its fucking warm and looks dope. Another would be our Modern Lover Trash denim jacket with jacquard flannel lining, again takes the same approach as the Guerilla Chant jacket, but gives it a modern twist.