Men’s 2011 Fall/Holiday Style Guide: Sitka




Mel Greene, Director of Communications

What was your theme for Fall 2011?

We try to stay away from too narrow of a theme but overall the whole idea was "Back to nature."

What were some of the new additions of the line this season?

We got some new denims in the line that did quite well for us. The cut is the same but the actual denim fabric itself. The jackets have been a progressively great category for us. We had our first technical jacket in the Fall '11. It's a rain jacket, not a snow jacket. That was a big step forward for us.

What was new for denim?

We just sourced new denim fabrics. We updated the detailing on the logo patch on the back and on the pockets. It was really stepping up the look and feel of the denim from last season using the same design from the past few seasons.

What do you think is the current cut for pants right now?

I think that skinny denim is still in style for some people. I'm seeing a huge influx of the woodsy mountain man style so definitely a looser fit burly pant even in a thicker fabric that's not quite so tight. I see that coming in but there's definitely room for people who still like the slim denim.

How have plaid flannels be doing? Are they still performing?

There is a trend towards the outdoorsy woodsman look right now, which definitely includes the plaid flannels. It's probably something we will always have in the line being outdoorsy Canadian and who our market is. We always do well with our wovens. We definitely differentiate ourselves from other brands with pocket placement and different details and our price point on wovens is really good compared to other brands as well.

What's new in knits?

We actually did a unisex cardigan that did really well for us. Oversized sweaters are in style for girls right now. That was a main focus for sweaters for both men and women this season.

What are your key jacket styles?

For the Fall season we've done a jacket for the men's called Hammersmith and for the women's called Hannahsmith. It's a fully Sherpa-lined utility jacket. The outside is a heavy canvas and the inside is a really soft Sherpa. It's a nice, warm jacket for colder climates. Its not a technical jacket, it is just canvas but we've been doing it every season for the past couple years with minor adjustments and its definitely still one of the best sellers.