Men’s 2011 Fall/Holiday Style Guide: Volcom






Danny Geary

Last Fall, heritage and work wear were big trends. Are you addressing either of these trends and how do you see these evolving into the next step?

Volcom Workwear has been a label under Volcom men’s apparel for 10 years plus, so American heritage has consistently influenced Volcom’s designs. This is true with vintage inspiration in general.  Having denim be our backbone in apparel, it would have been hard for us to ignore the heritage that comes with iconic denim mills, and inspirational brands. Whether it be specific trending vintage influence or international influence, we will continue to build off of heritage pieces that we feel match our brands needs.

Wovens is always an important category for Fall. Is plaid flannel still continuing and what do you think has replaced the plaid flannel for this season?

There is quite a bit of range in woven fabrications right now and as a trend, I think flannel has seen it’s day. With that said, I do believe there will always be a guy that likes his flannel, so if we can continue to deliver flannels that look tasteful and represent a classic work wear vibe, then they will still see some degree of success.

What categories and styles did you see perform last season and how did you incorporate that retailer feedback into the collection?

Our chino program is a product category we are really focused on.  We have more recently seen a lot of new interest in our chinos business. Denim will remain one of our key strengths. We hope to continue to build our chino program into the scale of success of which our Volcom Brand Jeans has seen.

What are the fit and finishing updates for the denim styles and pants?

Volcom Brand Jeans is a diverse product group ranging from jeans to woven shirtings.  Fits we are feeling good about are slimmer or modern straight legs. We still offer looser fits as well as tight leg fits, but are not seeing the same success here as we have historically. Our customer has become more conscious of fit and fabrication. They demand quality on all levels. For washes, we continue to offer a variety of finishes. This Fall and into Holiday, we are offering darker washes with less abrasion/treatments. This represents a slight toning back or cleaning up of destructed finishes. A style we are excited about around the design table is the Mexlax. This style is a simple drawstring waist denim pant featured in 9 oz denim.  This is going to be a cruiser style through all the warmer months.

What is the inspiration behind your jackets? What are some of the treatments and details that you put on them to make them unique?

As Global brand, we see a broad range of products in demand to battle the elements of the coming winter. American heritage, military function and vintage outerwear play an influential role in development… We embraced the heritage vibe as well as some classic technical styles for 2011. Volcom’s Rock Ledge Jacket is a vintage technical outerwear jacket. I’m sure it was very technical and advanced for its time, but the classic color blocking and simple technical features bring new life to shell jackets. As the warmer months transition into colder Fall weather, lightweight jackets are important. This is where jacket designs are influenced by patterns and custom details. The light weight windbreakers we’re excited about utilize mixed fabrications ranging from cotton nylon to nylon taffeta most with a water-resistant coating. Some of the elements that make these windbreakers are horizontal stripes, leather cinch cotton draw cords, and contrast zippers.  All these details accentuate the designs while maintaining quality, fit and function is Volcom’s top priority.