Mervin Hires Team Manager, Web Designer

Matt Schrier has been appointed the new Team Manager at Mervin and will manage the Gnu, Lib Tech and Bent Metal teams. Matt was most recently worked at Milosport in Salt Lake City where he handled retail and all of the Team duties.

“Myself and a few others worked hard at Milosport to create a unique family environment that set us apart from other snowboard shops,” says Matt. “I feel very privileged to be a part of the Mervin family and my goal is to create the same feel with our teams that will set us apart from the rest of the pack.”

It seems that Salt Lake City continues the place to go when looking for team managers for the snowboard industry. Matt replaces Chris Owen, who remains with Mervin as team photographer and marketing consultant.

In other marketing news, Mervin has hired Trevor Phillips as Web Designer. Trevor recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in New Media. Before joining Mervin, Trevor did freelance web design, putting together both the One Ball Jay and Bent Metal sites for Mervin.

“We were so happy with the work Trevor did on the Bent Metal site that we hired him to come in house and work full time,” says Pete Saari, Marketing manager and Mervin Mfg. cofounder. “There is no doubt that the future of getting the message out is via our web sites. We’ll continue to update our sites with info and news to keep people coming back. Trevor will help keep the sites looking fresh and fun.”

Trevor has a web portfolio at

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