Mikoh 2015 Swimwear Preview

Mikoh 2015 Swimwear Preview

Mikoh 2015 Swimwear Preview

Mikoh Co-foundersĀ Oleema and Kalani MillerĀ give us the latest details behind the Mikoh 2015 Swimwear collection.

What trends are at the forefront of next year's swimwear line? (colors, cuts, fabrics, etc.)

Next year, we are excited to see some amazing swimwear trends come into play. With MIKOH, we are always looking at staying one step ahead of the trends, and for 2015, you will see familiar MIKOH signature detailing, but with a new twist. Expect to see our signature strings, banding, and crochet bikinis, breezy cover ups, and an expansion of the MIKOH X SURF collection, along with some new details. The MIKOH basics line will also be expanding. Bright colors, sporty cuts, string details, and fresh looks for the beach from day to night will be the looks for 2015.

Take a look at some of the styles for next season right here:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.46.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.49.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.50.11 PM.png

What is the overall state of the swimwear market (size, health, potential to grow, increase revenue, etc.) from your perspective? What changes are on the horizon?

The overall state of the swimwear market would be that it is on the rise. Swimwear will always be important in the clothing market, because of what swimwear represents. Swimwear represents a getaway, a vacation, somewhere stress free, and always fun. For these reasons, swimwear will always have a large stake in the market. Every year since MIKOH's start, we have seen major growth in sales and revenue and are hoping for another amazing 2015 seasons.

What are you seeing as far as sales around the separates category for 2014? Are you expanding this product offering in your line – why or why not?

2014 was an amazing year for separates sales and is the dominant portion of our sales. Currently, we sell all of our bikinis as separates and we have found a lot of success with this. The product offering will be expanding this year, including more color options, more prints, and several new styles and cuts. We have learned which cuts have success, so finding new ways to introduce them and keep each season fresh has allowed us to expand our separates.

How important are one-pieces to your collection? Have you expanded this category or pulled back compared to the last few seasons?

We have also expanded our one piece collection this season. I think that one pieces are not just for someone looking for something more conservative. MIKOH one pieces are for making a statement on the beach and at the pool. We have grown to include more sexy MIKOH cuts in familiar MIKOH cuts.

What changes are you seeing on the business side, as far order sizes, the length of the season, timing for product roll out, sales channels, etc.?

On the business side, MIKOH has seen a lot of growth. Order sizes have greatly increased. We have expanded to include some of the most prestigious accounts, including Selfridges and Net-A-Porter. MIKOH has seen growth in wholesaling and also through the e-commerce site. MIKOH has also launched in Australia in December 2013, so we are in the process of learning on working with a market that is on opposite seasons.

What were your greatest successes in the swimwear category for 2014?

This 2014 Collection, MIKOH's INTO THE SEA Collection was excited to include the launch of the MIKOH X SURF Collection. The collection includes three bikinis and one full suit wetsuit. The neoprene pieces are our tribute to our surfing roots and lifetime love affair the with ocean. Check out the collection here


Are prices and margins increasing, decreasing, or flat? What is your brand’s average MSRP and margin percentage?

Prices and margins are flat. Average MSRP is $100

Is the number of SKU's in your line expanding or contracting? Why?

The number of SKU's are increasing for the 2015 Collection. We will be introducing new styles and expanding color options.