Morrow Signs Wildflower Artist for Another Year

When it comes to fine art you can always think way back to 1889. And then from there you can look one hundred years into the future when art and Morrow snowboard graphics meet for the first time. In 1989 Scott Clum’s art was all over Morrow Snowboards Axi-pro, Multi-Pro, and Free-Pro board series. Way back then Scott made a starting point for the importance of graphics for Morrow. And now, 11 years later, Morrow still throws down board graphics that are visually intoxicating.

“Fine art has always played a crucial role in board graphics ever since the beginning” said Greg Hughes, brand and sales manager for Morrow, “We have seen growth in sales of the Wildflower and attributed that to the strong graphics.” That is why they teamed up with Caia Koopman to do art for Morrow’s Wildflower board series for this season and again for the 2001/02 season.

Caia enjoys the change of pace from her other graphic duties to work on the Wildflower series because “the end result is so tangible, timeless, and gratifying.” Caia recently showed her work at Mod Art in San Diego featuring the Wildflower graphics.

Morrow’s Marketing Manager, Rebecca Herath said, “Caia’s graphics are perfect for our women’s demographics, and we are amped to work with her again next year.” To see these graphics yourself, please visit your local Morrow Snowboard Dealers.

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