Mount Snow Nabs X-Games

Mount Snow will host the 2000 and 2001 Winter X-Games as part of a four-year agreement the American Skiing Company (ASC) made with ESPN to hold the Games exclusively at ASC resorts.

According to ASC Vice President of Communications Skip King, "There’s a tremendous opportunity for spectators." He says Mount Snow’s ample parking, easy base access, and terrain for both guests and the games had ESPN interested from the start.

The resort, one of ASC’s chain of eight resorts, will continue regular operations for all guests during the February 3—6 Games. "We wouldn’t have done this if it affected operations," says King.

He says ESPN wanted the greatest visibility with the least amount of hassles for spectators wanting to get to the resort–Mount Snow is Vermont’s closest big mountain to metropolitan areas and is located only four hours from New York City and two-and-a-half from Boston.

"Our location, combined with the amenities of the Mount Snow Valley, gives us far greater potential for spectators than the Winter X-Games has ever seen," says Mount Snows Managing Director Scott Pierpont in a press release. "We look forward to the opportunity to introduce fans and athletes from around the world to the Mount Snow Valley and to host the first Winter X-Games of the Millenium."

The Winter X-Games will be televised from February 4 through February 8 on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC with more than eighteen hours of programming.