Never Summer Takes On Mountain Board Production

Throughout the downs and ups of the snowboard industry, Never Summer Industries has been a leading proponent of the “slow steady growth” school of business, manufacturing and always selling through the deliberately limited number of boards they produce each season at its north Denver plant.

By keeping demand strong, and eliminating overruns, Never Summer is recognized as running one of the tightest ships in the business remaining unaffected by upheavals elsewhere.But after a number of years of annual growth of around ten percent, the 10,000 boards the brand sells puts in to the “small medium category” according to owner Tracey Canaday.

This means it must now face problems that others of a similar size have encountered: how to keep the presses ( and cash flow) running year round.

The solution has been to hook up with Mountain Board Sports, a leading manufacturer of mountain boards.

“Production of mountain boards doesn’t entail either significant cost or additional know-how for us. They have a basic sandwich construction, all that is different is the molds, which Mountains Board Sports paid for,” says Canaday.

However Never Summer has taken on an additional eight employees to make the boards, and is handling the manufacturing as a separate division within the company.

“Production started in early January and will entail us manufacturing at least 8,000 boards this year, making deliveries every two months year round. So it isn’t really counter seasonal but the additional revenue sure helps even things out for us when our snowboard presses are quiet.”