New Lost DVD Releases

San Clemente, CA (December 16, 2005) LOST ACROSS AMERICA 1 is finally out on DVD. It also contains the bonus movie – DYSFUNCTIONAL.

Other new DVD release: LOST AT SEA with bonus movie ON THE ROAD. (Yes – Lost was the last company to put its old titles on DVD)

LOST ACROSS AMERICA 1 (2000) – The first in a series that looks at the USA place by place – Cape May, San Clemente Pier, S. Florida, Salt Creek, Log Cabins, Beech Street, Puerto, Upham, Danger Point, Casa, Sandspit, HB Pier, OBX, Pipeline, Ventura, NSB, Honolua Bay, Sebastian Inlet, Trestles. Starring the world’s best – as always.

DYSFUNCTIONAL (1994) – “Welcome to the Lost Castle