Newport River Jetties Closed Due To Runoff

Newport Beach was “closed” for surfing today (Jan 18) at the River Jetties area, and south, due to contaminated wated. After the first rains of the year, the run off did its’ usual damage and surfers who enjoyed last night’s head-high, grinding tubes are eating vitamin C’s today like they were M&M’s! Supposedly, the run off, which comes from as far inland as Riverside county, is to be “diverted” within the next seven years, according to local surf photographer Matty Thomas, (who also claimed local Newport surfer Kirk Blackman scored a triple barrel of the 56th street jetty). This means the runoff will end up somewhere in Santa Ana, a fine place for everyone’s grass clippings and pesticides, instead of the ocean. Of course there were still a handful of surfers out at the River area this morning, ignoring the health warnings and enjoying the dying north swell.- SZ