Nidecker Moves To So Cal Office

After four years in Burlington, Vermont, Nidecker has moved its United States headquarters to Southern California.

“We did really well in Burlington, and it definitely helped us with shops there,” says Jerome Bouley, Nidecker’s general manager. “But it’s good to change. This will let us do more promotions and work with the magazines, which are located in So Cal.”

It will also be a cost-saving venture. Bouley says the company will save on shipping expenses with many of its boot and binding products coming from Asia. Being much closer to Las Vegas will also save booth-shipping costs come trade show time.

“But we’re not giving up on the Northeast,” he adds. The company definitely prospered being based in the East and built strong ties to shops in the area. But now it hopes to do the same in the trend-setting So Cal scene.The brand will now be nearer to its marquee U.S. rider, Tommy Czeschin, who lives in Mammoth, California, as well as the Mammoth-based Xodus productions, Torey Piro’s film company. Nidecker is sponsoring Xodus’ upcoming video The Empire.

Both the Nidecker’s team manager and Northern California rep are based in Kings Beach, Tahoe and the relocation fortifies the western positioning of the brand.

To accommodate the relocation, the Nidecker staff was offered jobs if they chose to move with the company, and several made the trek west.

In related news, for the second year in a row, Nidecker operated a demo house at Mount Hood for four months during the summer. “It definitely helps with the brand awareness to be in front of the summer camp kids,” says Bouley.

Now that the company has gotten all the kids psyched on the brand, Bouley says it will ship products on August 1 to the shops that are ready to stock snowboards.

Nidecker’s new address is: 1495 Poinsettia Ave. Ste. 150, Vista, California 92083; phone: (760) 597-0561.