Nikita: 2013/14 Snowboard Bindings Preview


Nikita Ninja MSRP: NA

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What are the top three developments and trends in next year's bindings?

The biggest is that this is the first time we are doing bindings with the introduction of the Ninja! It combines style and color together with performance and the feel you need on the slopes. Quite simply it's the binding For Girls Who Ride.

What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, themes, and colors?

Super clean and bright! Works well with ALL our boards

Are you taking any steps to minimize your environmental impact? If so, what are some of these steps?

We are always very aware of the environment and all steps towards reducing impact are positive which is why we consider using minimal packaging and consolidating deliveries with our partners.

What are you doing to promote the growth of snowboarding and the next generation of riders (making kids gear, offering educational programs, developing innovative rental offerings, etc.)?

We don't have kids products as yet but we try to support new riders who are out there doing what they love, raise the awareness of girls riding through sponsorship and support of relevant local, national and international events and of course try to be good role models ourselves. We really value our team riders who are also great role models, advocates and motivators.

What does your company hope to contribute to snowboarding?

With as much support as we can offer, through sponsorship; product or otherwise for girls who ride and for events, jams, movies etc (e.g. all girls crew Lipstick Productions with their movies '5 more minutes please?!' and 'Eurotic').