Nikita Sign Christel Thoresen

Christel Thoresen, the Norwegian freestyle rider par excellancé, has signed a contract with Nikita Clothing.

Christel is known for going high in the pipe and cruising around with style.

The people at Nikita are stoked to have Christel on the team, and so are Minna Hesso, Natasza Zurek and Keiko Yanagisawa who are the other 75% of Team Nikita.

Nikita will launch their Fall/Winter 01/02 “street clothing for girls who ride” clothing line at ISPO in Munich and SIA in Vegas in the next weeks. Maybe you should book an appointment, because now there is finally a street clothing line for girls coming straight from a girl snowboarder/skater/surfer. Heida Birgisdottir is the numero uno girl rider in Iceland, and between winning snowboard contests, skating miniramp and surfing in Iceland she likes to make clothing for girls who share the same vibes. Seems like the girls like it, because the feedback Nikita is getting is awesome!Christel is one of the many girls who like to look and feel good on and off the slopes, pretty logical because no matter if you are riding or hanging around – you are still the same person.

Here is what you might want to know about the newest Nikita team member; Christel Thoresen:Board she rides: Blax 153cmlong and 228mm wide.Favourite type of riding: All!Favourite trick: No specific, like to learn new and stick them.Other sponsors: Blax and RatiopharmCompetition results: Two 3rd places in the WorldProTour last year and 4th.inthe first World Cup this season.Favourite food: Greek, kurdianWords of wisdom: You are not an adult before you dear to be childish!Nicest place you’ve been to: Hawaii(Maui)Future plans: I want to be an interior designer, decorator!Other interests: Interior, nightlife, my boyfriend.Clothing for everyday livin: Nikita