Nitro Pre-Bookings Up For 2002/03

With the bulk of the orders in, Nitro Snowboards is pleased to announce that pre-season bookings are up in both the U.S. and Canada compared to pre-season booking from a year ago. The fact that Nitro has been able to grow in spite of the unusually warm season in many areas of the states and the current economic conditions is a good sign of the future strength of the brand.

In the snowboard division, overall board sales have increased, especially in higher end products like the Shogun, Shadow and Suprateam. According to Nitro’s Product Manager Tim Weisser, “More and more people are becoming aware of the high quality and performance of the boards we produce. The consistently positive reviews our boards receive at board tests and demos, combined with satisfied customers, are helping to build a solid following for our brand.”

In the snowboard boot division, team involvement and investment into new soles, styling, and liners have led to the most innovative and functional boot line to date. Nitro has experienced more interest in their boot line than ever, especially in the mid range and high-end models. The Katana, Punisher, Havoc, and always-popular Team boot all have increased demand in 02/03. As with the boards, once people try the products out, the quality and attention do detail is evident and the sales tend to follow.

Most surprising is the major increase in binding sales, with pre-season bookings almost doubled when compared to one year ago at this time. Nitro brought some fresh looks and innovation to the conventional binding market by completely re-designing its models, focusing on overall durability, comfort, and performance. The results are bindings that are innovative and more comfortable while still being dependable, which was a challenging combination to dial in. Popular models for 02/03 include the Venom Ultra and Team Elite.

With the three major product categories solid and growing for 2002/2003, many specialty shops are choosing Nitro as one of their main suppliers rather than as a niche brand. The fact that the boards, boots, and bindings are all backed by a two-year warranty shows the commitment to quality and helps sell through on the floor.

According to VP of Sales and Marketing Rob McCutcheon, the best thing about the increase in growth was that it was achieved by increasing the number of specialty shops and by growing the volume within current dealers. Most of the new accounts added are in territories where previously Nitro was under-distributed, such as NorCal and the Eastern Great Lakes.

Nitro’s team has been getting more notice lately as well, with Giacomo Krater placing 4th in the Olympic pipe and seventh in the U.S. Open on the 03 team board, only a couple of the many Nitro team accomplishments for 02/03.

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