Nixon Opens House

On Monday April 29 TransWorld hosted an open house for Nixon in its new office. This is the upstart watch company’s third location since its inception in 1997 by Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats. Just two months of dust has settled into the space along with the commotion and mess that comes with the company’s twenty-plus employees. The new office has a back-alley entrance, but inside the new digs are very spacious and decorated in Nixon’s own red, white, and grey color scheme.

To help celebrate, snow teamriders Dave and Shannon Dunn-Downing were on hand to munch some pizza and have a few beers along with staff members from Nixon and TransWorld Media. While the event only lasted a few hours, the office will endure and all future correspondence to Nixon can be addressed to: 701 South Coast Highway, Encintas, California 92024.