Northwest Report

At Anderson’s Sporting Goods in Salem, Oregon Owner Scott Loveless says deliveries on this year’s snowboard product is no better or worse than it has been. “Most of the manufacturers are running pretty close to on time-with Burton being a little better than most,” he says.

Since Anderson’s is a full-line sporting-goods store, Loveless says his snowboarding season really doesn’t get rolling until October. Because of this, deliveries-even if they’re a little late-usually don’t cause him many problems. “We still waiting for the rest of the Burton and K2 gear, and we’re waiting on Original Sin and Rossignol, but those weren’t due until September 1 so they’re just a week or so late.”

Bob’s Ski and Snowboard Shop in Portland, Oregon is looking forward to a big season. Over the summer the shop opened a new 5,000- square-foot mezzanine dedicated to snowboarding products. “I think that makes us one of the largest snowboarding retailers in the city,” says Store Manager Dwayne Johnson.

Fortunately deliveries were streaming in during the first weeks of September, with product from Vans, Switch, Ride, Santa Cruz, Smith, and Scott already accounted for. “I just got a new snowboard order in this morning that I haven’t had a chance to take a look at, so everything is coming in really nicely,” says Johnson. “We usually get about 80 percent of our orders around September 1, so this is par for the course.”

Johnson says the Portland season really doesn’t get rolling until the Thanksgiving holiday, “Although we sure would like it if it started to snow early and we could be up and running November 1.”

Jim Stone, owner of The New Sunriver Sports in Sunriver, Oregon, says he hasn’t taken deliveries yet on his snowboarding merchandise-but he’s not worried. “We’re a resort shop, so our season really doesn’t kick off until the tourists arrive and there’s snow falling,” he says. “Most of my shipping is September 1 and we bought light with the anticipation of buying back in during mid season.” The 3,200-square-foot Sunriver store will carry Santa Cruz, Volkl, and Aggression this season, among others.

“Snowboarding has been in and out of the store over the past seasons, but I think it’s in for good now,” Stone says. “We have a good rider on staff who really knows what’s up, and the my other store, Stone’s Ski And Sport, just changed it’s name to Stone’s Ski And Snowboard.”

At Loulou’s Sport Shop in Spokane, Washington Software Buyer Mike King says deliveries have been better than last year-especially with boots. “Last year was a disaster with boots,” he says.

“The product that’s late tends to be individual models that haven’t shipped. For example, we’re expecting the Burton S.I. boot to deliver in mid September, and we think it could really generate some sales. Those are the types of items that really need to be on time.”

He says that this year the store’s emphasis has moved away from K2 and toward Ride and Rossignol. “We’ve been carrying Rossignol for a few years, and the changes they did to their graphics helped sales tremendously,” he says, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised to see different graphics designed for different countries from Rossi.

Prompt delivery is extremely important, says King. “Our season starts over Labor Day with sales of a lot of high-end product. Kids have been mowing their lawns all summer and they’re ready to buy come Labor Day.”