NSSA Nationals Lower Trestles Day 1

To start things off, we need to give congratulations to the San Clemente High School and [IMAGE 1] Miracosta College surf teams who won their respective NSSA National Championships at Church’s yesterday. San Clemente narrowly beat out a very deep Carlsbad team by a score of 116 to 115 while Miracosta finished strong thanks to the winning efforts of Austin Ware and Kyla Langen.

As for the first day of competition at Lowers, the heaviest division known as the Explorer Juniors got under way in some rally fun head-high surf today. Despite the playful surf there was an awful lot of falls and the usual amout of interferences.

Thanks to all the NSSA’s sponsors, there were tons of tents with food, shade, and team managers. Rusty went one step further by putting a ping-pong table in which definitely made the wait between heats shorter.

For Wednesday, all suf reports are calling for some more surf which could definitely make it interesting for the Explorer mens and juniors. [IMAGE 2] There should definitely be some good images from it – till then, enjoy today’s -AC