Odina 2015 Swimwear Preview

Odina 2015 Swimwear Preview

Odina 2015 Swimwear Preview

We caught up with Odina Marketing Director Aaron Taylor to hear more about the Odina 2015 Swimwear collection.

What trends are at the forefront of next year's swimwear line? (colors, cuts, fabrics, etc.)

2015 prints are being driven by layered world cultures from jungle, tropical, and wilderness themes to the surf/sport California lifestyle. Styles play off these themes with cuts and fits that flatter and function on a variety of body types. Eco fabrics, including materials from recycled post-consumer waste continue to be the main stay of our production. We hope to see more companies using recycled and other earth friendly materials for their construction.

Take a spin through the 2015 Odina Swimwear collection:


What is the overall state of the swimwear market (size, health, potential to grow, increase revenue, etc.) from your perspective? What changes are on the horizon?

The swim market is growing, but so are the number of brands. The global reach through social media allows boutique designers to be recognized in areas that were previously inaccessible. As the market continues growing, vertical integration and sustainable manufacturing practices are becoming more prevalent relative to just a few years ago, something we are proud to be apart of and encourage.

What specific pieces of youth culture, design, and/or other elements influenced your brand’s swimwear collection for next season?

Odina is inspired by the youthful desire to explore and actively partake in our natural world. Additionally, we've always featured eco-friendly materials in our suits and this desire for a more sustainable materials and manufacturing across all industries is something we see the youth culture currently gravitating to more and more so– that, and Brazilian cut bottoms. Smaller bottoms are the trend and have been for the last few seasons and we don't see that going anywhere soon.

We have added our first team rider collaboration, the Malama Collection, inspired by and supporting Alison's Adventures, and the movement for a more sustainable future. The project supports education and actions to reduce ocean pollution and encourage sustainable living practices. These suits are made from recycled fishnets that have been responsible for reef destruction around the globe. This also falls in line with other ocean related causes we support such as Reef Check and Ocean Girls Project.

 What are you seeing as far as sales around the separates category for 2014? Are you expanding this product offering in your line Рwhy or why not?

Our entire collection was designed with separates in mind, not just for sizing, for fun mix and match styling possibilities also. The mixing trend for tops and bottoms makes separates a must.

How important are one-pieces to your collection? Have you expanded this category or pulled back compared to the last few seasons?

One-pieces are a smaller but important part of our offering, the demand for well fitting and attractive styles are still growing, we will continue to offer one or two new styles each year.

What changes are you seeing on the business side, as far order sizes, the length of the season, timing for product roll out, sales channels, etc.?

The swim season has stabilized starting in February for the coastal and festival areas, all year round in Hawaii and Costa Rica, and the traditional May to August for in the northern hemisphere. Then to balance the seasons, there is Australia.

As, in 2014 we see more frequent orders to provide fill-ins and allow boutiques better inventory control.

What were your greatest successes in the swimwear category for 2014?

Our Boho story was introduced last year with braiding details on both the tops and bottoms and has expanded into 2014. The Boho braid suits are a great mix of style and function using the colorful accent braids to tie our suits together. We added two more styles for summer 2014 with print braid combinations appearing for 2015.

What are your sales projections for next season?

We see continued growth in the US and abroad. We have been focused in Hawaii and California and are expanding into the East Coast, Europe and Austrailia through our ambassadors, online and retail channels.

What new elements will be present in your swimwear collection for 2015? What won't we see as much of?

2015 will feature water-based sublimations, vibrant rich solids made from post consumer recycled nylon and has the ability to be recycled continuously. Our fun colors will be complimented with cheekier and smoother lines, flattering finishes, and most important usability for the Odina lifestyle.

Are prices and margins increasing, decreasing, or flat? What is your brand’s average MSRP and margin percentage?

Our average MSRP is $72 per piece. Our over all average has increased as the demand for higher quality and more intricate designs have pushed our brand to satisfy fashion and function with every style.

Prices have stabilized with a wide range of prices from the "fast fashion" world to the more sustainable, lasting fashion pieces.

Is the number of SKU's in your line expanding or contracting? Why?

The Odina line is expanding, moving forward and building on the successes of 2014. Listening to our team of ambassadors we add to meet the current themes.

Any closing thoughts or information/suggestions I didn’t cover that you’d like to add about the swimwear market, trends, etc.?

We are encouraged by seeing more eco-consicious organizations, companies, blogs, and practices in both the apparel and surf industries. We see more "locally made," "made in the USA," and a better understanding of the full supply chain from making the textile to finishing the suit. We see apparel recycling as one of the next big recycling pushes.