Onboard Magazine Launches New Languages

In an age where trends move at fiber optic speed and communication to the youth audience is quintessential, Onboard Publishing continues to establish its unique status as the only Pan European Snowboarding Magazine. As from 1st September 2000, Onboard European Snowboarding Magazine will not only be published in French, German and English but also in two new languages Swedish and Spanish.

The youth market today is incredibly sophisticated, our recipients are smart and they cannot be fooled. Onboard Magazine delivers a product for the trend savvy youth, undoubtedly one of toughest audiences to reach. Its core values and brand identification are easily adapted to embrace all European cultures through its unique multi-lingual proposition. Onboard Magazine is a perfect medium for any advertiser who demands the attention of the youth market and the European Scene.

The world will soon be spinning in a hypnotic white blur as Winter2000/2001 kicks off. So check out Onboard European Snowboarding Magazine On Sale 1st September 2000. For any additional information contact thecrew@onboardmag.com.