O’Neill 2015 Swimwear Preview

o'neill 2015 swimwear preview

O’Neill 2015 Swimwear Preview

O’Neill Senior Swim Designer Jenna Sufficool answers our questions about next season’s swimwear collection.

What trends are at the forefront of next year's swimwear line? 

Florals are making a comeback which is exciting. We have a couple different versions in our Spring 15 collection that are really beautiful. Mix and match continues to trend, but we are seeing more fun combinations of print on print instead of just print and solid. We offer solid color blocking, mix prints within silhouettes, and a tight color story so all of our bikinis can be intermixed. There is a move on from the bralette styling of last year into a new high neck halter, a seriously stylish bikini top! We have it in both our swimwear collection and our 365 Hybrid line. Clean finish construction is a new standard in our industry, and more than half of our line is now offered this way.

What is the overall state of the swimwear market (size, health, potential to grow, increase revenue, etc.) from your perspective? What changes are on the horizon?

Swimwear is on fire! As a category it has been trending for a couple of years now, and we don’t see that slowing at all. The customer is responding to anything new and fresh in both prints and silhouettes, so there really is no limit to what you can do. It is a fun time to be in the swimwear business that is for sure.

Take a look at several key pieces from the collection here:


What specific pieces of youth culture, design, or other elements and social cues influenced your brand’s swimwear collection for next season?

The gypsy lifestyle represents a boho vibe that resonates with our girl. She is feminine, classic, and carefree. Our prints and colors embody this persona.

What are you seeing as far as sales around the separates category for 2014? Are you expanding this product offering in your line – why or why not?

We only offer separates in our line. We feel this is the best way to enable the costumer and retailer to customize their purchase.

How important are one-pieces to your collection? Have you expanded this category or pulled back compared to the last few seasons?

We offer a few one-pieces every season. They aren’t a huge volume driver for us, but we still feel it’s important to be represented in that area.

What changes are you seeing on the business side, as far order sizes, the length of the season, timing for product roll out, sales channels, etc.?

Swimwear is no longer a seasonal business for us, we can sell it year-round. We offered a much larger collection in our Fall season this year than we had in previous years, and we received a very positive response. The retailer wants to see new swimwear product offering every month.

What were your greatest successes in the swimwear category for 2014? 

Things that we stand for as a brand continued to be successful for us. Flounce in tops and bottoms, cheeky fits, soft bright colors and beautiful prints.

What are your sales projections for next season?

We have great momentum right now and see that continuing for years to come.

What new elements will be present in your swimwear collection for 2015? What won't we see as much of?

Lots of new fashion silhouettes and print mixing ideas. We have walked away from the bralette.

Are prices and margins increasing, decreasing, or flat? What is your brand’s average MSRP and margin percentage?

Everything will be in line with where we were last year.

Is the number of SKU's in your line expanding or contracting? Why?

We have increased our offering for next year. Both our retailers and our consumers are asking for it, and we are more than happy to oblige.