O’Neill Restructures Australian Operation

O’Neill Inc. the worldwide manufacturer of wetsuits, snow apparel and surfwear has taken over the distribution of O’Neill products within Australia.

O’Neill pioneered the wetsuit nearly 50 years ago and with their constant innovations over the years they have become one of the world’s leading surf labels. With the continuing support of its worldwide network of dealers, suppliers and partners, O’Neill has been able to establish a prime position with wetsuits, clothing and accessories.

O’Neill recognizes that wetsuits are the core foundation of the brand globally and because of this, they insist on having a strong involvement in all important surf markets.

Out of all the surf nations, Australia is probably the most similar to the Californian market where the O’Neill headquarters are based. O’Neill is fully committed to the Australian surf market and its surf retailers.

Most recently the operation in Australia has been working closely with O’Neill in regards to design and the summer 2001 product line. To this end, the involvement of O’Neill Inc in Australia will greatly benefit this operation through improved synergies and efficiencies.

Since the beginning O’Neill has gone about producing product that is suited to the core enthusiasts, and this will never be compromised.

For additional information contact: Rob Bain 61-2-99056661 or rob@oneillwetsuits.com.au