Optic Nerve Joins EMS for College Tour

DENVER—Optic Nerve, a high-performance sunglass company based in Edgewater, Colo., is teaming up with Eastern Mountain Sports in a 10-college tour throughout the Northeast, in effort to promote Optic Nerve brand awareness.

Students can find the Optic Nerve College Tour at student unions March 15-May 15, where they will have the chance to participate in contests, receive prizes and giveaways and check out the latest Optic Nerve styles available at EMS stores.

“Partnering with EMS on the college tour is everything we’re about,” said Tom Fox, vice president of Optic Nerve. “This is key to helping us reach our target audience.”

Optic Nerve specializes in high-quality, high-performance, technically advanced sunglasses for the young, outdoor adventurer. Priced at $28-50 a pair, the Optic Nerve product is an incredible value to consumers. Because of its affordable price and trendy style, Optic Nerve sunglasses are ideal for the college-age crowd.

Optic Nerve and EMS will tour Boston College, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of New Hampshire, the University of Vermont, SUNY-Buffalo, Rutgers University, the University of Pennsylvania, UCONN, the University ofMassachusetts, and Northeastern University. The college tour will expose Optic Nerve’s 24-style line to new faces, awakening college students everywhere to an incredible product at an incredible price.