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DJ Greyboy Presents Vol. 2 Unda Attack
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On his second full-length hip-hop release through P-Jays Unda- Pendent Hip-Hop Recordings, DJ Greyboy once again brings a broad blend of banging hip-hop beats to the table. As on "UndaPendent Hip-Hop Vol. 1," Greyboy has recruited a specialized task force of MCs from all over the United States to showcase his producing, recording, and mixing skills. This time the MCs of choice are Mood (Rap Pages magazine’s "Best New Group of 1998"), OGC from the Boot Camp Click, AG from D.I.T.C., Imam Thug, and Master Fuol from NYC, and San Diego’s very own I.C.
Unda Attack spans a large cross section of hip-hop tastes, from the conscious flows of Mood and AG to the thugged-out sound of Imam Thug and Master Fuol. Greyboy gives every song a unique sound, like the Spanish guitar of Mood’s "Diplomats" and the hard drum-driven sound of I.C.’s "Cathy." At fifteen-tracks deep, Unda Attack is stocked with a full arsenal of lyrical and musical weapons to bomb every target in the underground hip-hop market. The combination of sharp-shooting lyrics with DJ Greyboy’s signature hard-hitting smooth beats makes Unda Attack deadly from beginning to end.–Chucky Chingon

DJ Greyboy Interview
How does this album compare to DJ Greyboy Vol. 1?

The new album is a continuation of the first, but the tracks and the label have both gotten better since we released Vol. 1. It features a whole new set of MCs, too, like Master Fuol, Imam Thug, Mood, and a remix of AG’s–hidden crate from the first album. It also features a new group, I.C., that’s coming out on P-Jays in early 2000.
Do you plan on touring for the release of Vol. 2?
Yes, we’re trying to set up a tour right now starting with the West Coast. It’ll probably feature me as a DJ and live performances by Mood and I.C.
Is it true that you turned Chad Muska on to music?
No, but I helped him out when he bought his first set of equipment to start making beats. He has a fatter studio than me now.
Is it true that you kickflip 50-50ed a seven-stair rail back in the day?
Yeah, but I try not to talk about it too much. Dyrdek just gets jealous.
P-Jays Recording Artist Main Flow of Mood
What’s your name/crew affiliation?
Main Flow from Mood, WannaBattle Records, Mission Control, Crunch, Darryl, Supreme are Laq-Nun, Jahson Prehistoric Sounds, Donte Fro Mood, Divine Dramady, Charles Cooper Quartet, Old Man, Yahmel, King Solomon Universal Dialect, Hi-Tek Hi-Ted Productions Talib Kwelli Reflection Eternal, J. Rawls and J. Sands from Lonecatalys, and Raw Intellect.
How’d you hook up with DJ Greyboy and P-Jays?
I hooked up with Greyboy in 1998 around the beginning of July, after Tony Heitz gave me a copy of Vol. 1 that Greyboy produced. I came out to San Diego, and on July 4 we recorded "Polygood, Diplomats, and Castles" for Vol. 2 Unda Attack.
What projects do you have coming out?
Look out for the Main Flow Castle Diplomat twelve-inch on P-Jays, featuring Donte from Mood and Laq-Nun 2000. I recently finished a couple of tracks with Greyboy and a couple of tracks with DJ DNO Mayernated Beats for my solo album on P-Jays.
What do you like about P-Jays?
What I like most about P-Jays is that it’s an independent label that understands music from the artist’s point of view. A lot of labels get excellent music, but they don’t know how to market the artist. We make excellent music and we want our fans to understand that we WannaBattle, Mission Control, P-Jays don’t make commercial music. We leave that up to the majors and other indies who feel they need the radio to survive and sell records.
Songs coming out, soundtracks, or compilations.
"Big Ohio," for the Danny Hoch movie soundtrack produced by Hi-Tek for Hi-Tek Productions. "Breaking Bread," on the Hi-Tek compilation produced by Hi-Tek for Hi-Tek Productions, Rawkus Entertainment. "Castles, Diplomats, Polygood," on DJ Greyboy’s Vol.2 Unda Attack, P-Jays Recordings.