Parent Company Launches New Magazine

< i>Fresh Tracks: The Newcomers Ski And Ride Guide is a new annual magazine published by Times Mirror that will feature input from The Skiing Company and TransWorld Media.

“The goal is to retain skiers and boarders who have already had a taste of the winter-sport experience and aren’t quite convinced that they’re right for it,” says Editor Bill Grout. “It’s not really a rank-beginner book, nor is it aimed toward people who have never gone skiing or snowboarding. What we want to do is show newcomers to the sports how to find their way around a mountain, dress properly, save money, and-most of all-have fun.

“Basically all the information their friends would have provided if they didn’t ditch them at the top of the lift,” continues Grout.

The magazine is expected to have first-person accounts of celebrities losing their on-snow virginity, a nightlife guide, and lots of big non-threatening photos of snowboarders and skiers. “This is not an instruction manual about how to ski or snowboard,” says Grout. “We’ll leave that to the resort ski school.”

Circulation is expected to be well over the half-million mark and distribution partnerships with major resorts are currently underway. The magazine will be free to the public.