Playoffs Party At Hooters


Buffalo wings, beer bongs, and footballâ€"the perfect ingredients for a raging NFL playoffs party. Throw in a couple-a-hundred surf industry bros and you’ve got your self a riot waiting to happen. That’s what the scene was like in Orlando as the New England Patriots squared off against the Jacksonville Jaguars at the neighborhood Hooters. They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, here are five photos. They don’t even come close to telling the full story, but you’ll get the idea.


The funnel says it all. Well not really…what you can’t see is that the shirt says “Property Of The Chemistry Drinking Team” and in magic marker just above that someone added “Meat Face”.


Chemistry Surfboards’ Jason Bennett takes one for the team.


WCT qualifier Ben Bourgeois with Jeff Myers and Josh Hunter sometime after Ben bought Hooters T-shirts for everyone in the bar. Thanks Benny!


After the game Gunner Down took tha stage and did what they do best. If you’ve never seen them play you owe it to yourself! Just don’t book your flight home for a few hours after the show. Trust me.